19 April 2007

URGENT Prayer Request - Lost Kitten

We have a serious issue going on in our house right now. We can only account for 5 of the 6 kittens that were born on Tuesday night. We were gone so much of the day yesterday that we didn't count them again until this morning I took pictures of some of them yesterday morning though - and this little calico sweetie is missing. Please pray that we find her. Mama kitty doesn't seem the slightest bit worried which makes me think wherever the kitten is - she knows it. We've emptied every closet and checked under every bed and nook and cranny. Please pray for us that we will find her - we are devastated. This was my favorite one.
Update: It is 11 pm and we still haven't found her. Please continue to pray. Mama kitty may know where she is and be taking care of her elsewhere. My house has been turned upside down - but still no sign of her.
Update: 11 am Friday - still no kitten. I don't know where else to look. I am so sad about it. Please keep praying - for a miracle. I worry that wherever she is that if she hasn't eaten in 24 hours - she is starving.


  1. Oh Julie! I wish I could tell you that I snuck over there and grabbed her! I hope you find her soon - poor little thing.

  2. Oh Julie! I am so sorry!! I'm praying that you will find her soon.

  3. awww.. i hope you find her! but if momma cat isn't worried, hopefully all is ok.

  4. That is SO weird! Hopefully all is well soon and I'll say a kitty prayer. After all, God cares about the sparrows...

  5. Julie--I will pray that you'll find the poor little kitty and that all will be well. We used to have kittens pretty often when my kids were younger (grown now), so I know how much they mean. God cares about every concern, no matter how small.

  6. If the momma isn't worried, I bet she has her hidden safely away and is checking on her. You (and the kitty) are in my prayers.


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