05 April 2007

Book Review - Hatchet

My 9 year old son and I have been sharing this book every night at bedtime. Another boy recom- mended it but since it was above his current reading level, I suggested we read it together. It was excellent.

Hatchet won the Newberry Honor and I can attest to how deserving it was of this esteemed recognition. It is a great book about a boy who survives for 54 days after a plane crash in the wilderness alone with nothing but a hatchet. He learns to fish, hunt, create fire, and hones his instincts which did not exist in suburbia. He is forever changed by this time, and I think we are too for reading of his adventure.

We enjoyed this book so much, we jumped right into the sequel, The River, also by Gary Paulsen.


  1. sounds like a great book! (something my hubby would like!)

  2. I read this, and the rest of the series, with Billy last year. He loved them all. Gary Paulsen is a great writer.

  3. Not sure if I mentioned this before, but my son loves Paul's writing and especially hatchet. He still re-reads his stuff...even at GULP almost 16. Glad you both enjoyed it!


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