24 April 2007

Cult Authority

Authority. This word presents a problem in our culture. We are a generation of think-for-ourselfers. We don’t like anybody to tell us what to do. I have been thinking about this as our family has been watching LOST. The people all seem to want a leader – someone to make the big decisions, someone to run to in case of a crisis – and yet, when that same leader turns around and makes decisions they don’t like, they snort and scrape their feet like a bull in a stall before a fight.
I encountered some of this when I was the coordinator of a co-op for the homeschool families where we lived in West Virginia. Every minute detail of how things were run was constantly in question. I was talking to a more mature woman about the subject and she said to me that people are just rebellious against authority. We don’t live in a society where that is respected – even to the end of people making fun of the President – not just his politics but how he looks, walks and talks, what he wears, etc.
The opposite extreme of this is people who follow any authority like blind sheep. This specifically annoys me when it is in a church setting. People amen anything the pastor says with little or no knowledge for themselves about God’s word and what it says. They sit swallowing what is spoon fed and never question, never dig deeper into the Word for their own growth, and never ask questions. When a pastor or leader says that something is “not up for discussion”, I think that is dangerous territory. I may even suggest cultish. Anybody who tells me I have to believe what they say without question treads on altogether different and seriously more dangerous territory.


  1. Wow! Very deep thinking for first thing in the morning! Mind you it is afternoon here - but I know it is early morning for you my friend! BTW I've been meaning to ask if there was any news on the missing kitty? We've been praying for you all and wondered if it had turned up or not? Have a great day!!!

  2. I agree. I like the way our pastor preaches verse to verse- less room for human interpretation then when the Bible is being taught in context. Of course sermons are not meant to replace our own daily quiet times in God's word. What a difference to my day when I set aside time to start it off right!

  3. Good point. We are always telling our children not to just take our word (or anyone else's) for what they believe. They need to study God's word for themselves.

  4. TERRIFIC post! This is so true. Although the Word tells us to go to an authority figure when we have questions, it also tells us to be dilligent in discerning the right authority person to go to. Any leader who claims his/her way is THE only way, is acting like the pharisees. Man often finds himself injecting his opinions and pushing them on everyone around him. The Bible tells us to take heed of this. We keep reinforcing this with our children. We don't want them to be followers, except of Christ. So that is where there authority should come from. Again, GREAT post.

  5. what bolt babe said!
    we have to remember that men are men. just because they are in a position of authority doesn't mean they're perfect and have all the answers.
    we should definitely search out the truth for ourselves and see if what is being told to us lines up with God's word.

    it is a very scary thing when pastors aren't open for discussion.


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