07 April 2007

The Day In Between

The Saturday between Good Friday and Easter must have been a dark Sabbath in Jerusalem. All the rules of the Sabbath observed, there surely must have been little to do for those who witnessed the horrific crucifixion of their Lord except to sit and recount the events of the previous day. I wonder what it was like for them. As a mother of a son who I love more than my own breath, I always put myself in Mary's shoes - and wonder if the faith she had as a young woman that spoke, "let it be to me as you have said" to the angel sustained her through the darkest day of her life.
When I think of Easter - today is the day that is symbolic of our lives here. We are in a world that is dark and fallen to the curse of sin. The day in between is where we are suspended now waiting for heaven.
I have to tell you I have goosebumps as I write this - and not to freak anyone out - I know it is the Lord's spirit impressing these thoughts on my heart. We have a choice in this suspended state to look at the tragedies of yesterday and grieve, and wallow, and suffer repeatedly, or we can eagerly anticipate the great and joyous tomorrow, fashioned in eternity for those of us who believe!
I don't know about you girlfriends, but I am going to live this in-between in victory, with baited breath for the day that is coming! Remind me when you see me lose my step and dwell on yesterday. Encourage me to have the faith that says to the Lord, "let it be to me as you have willed", as I wait, with homesickness for heaven.


  1. Wow, thanks for that. I love the encouragement, laughs, and food for thought that I am getting from my new bloger friends.
    I think of Mary too, and wonder what she thought and felt of all the events during Jesus' life and even after He was gone.

  2. i couldn't agree more.


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