28 April 2007

Oh Baby!

We're giving Travis' cousin Renee a baby shower this afternoon. She is my age. I was looking at all the baby stuff, even smelling the diapers we were using for making the diaper cake. For just a second my heart will pang for another baby, and grieve a little that that part of my life is over. I was certain when I had my tubes tied that I had the three children that I wanted - but my heart would be fully open if God gave me more. The girls and I were talking about that - seems to be like a talk-show around here sometimes with the four of them. I was saying that I'm a bit jealous - babies are so precious - but that I would wake up at 3 am and think, "Gee, I wish I had a wee one to wake me up!" I have reached that place in my life where the next baby in my life with likely be a grandbaby! Best wishes to Renee. I hope that we have a chance to love on her baby a little and get a baby-fix!


  1. I am blessed and thankful for my three children and most of the time, they are all that I think I can handle. But there is a part of me that still longs for the 4th child I thought I would have. 9 months of all day sickness and two difficult recoveries (one trip to the ER) forced me to say three was it for us. Have lots of fun at the shower!

  2. and if you're a really nice grandmom your children will bring over their babies to you all the time!!

  3. Isn't that an odd thing. I feel the same way. Although my husband and I haven't had the nerve to take any permanent precautions (I can't bring myself to do it - who knows why). I think we'd have heart attacks if I became preggers again. And yes, our first grandchild is coming in June. Circle of life and all that, right? :)

  4. my husband is the one who gets those little pangs of wanting another child. i remedy that by leaving him with our kids for a few hours by himself...
    he snaps out of it pretty quick.. :o)~


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