18 April 2007

Too Much Excitement for One Day!

We have been anxiously preparing for a visit from WV! The girls have two of their best buddies flying into Houston tomorrow afternoon - and none of us can wait! That's what the countdown is for on my right hand sidebar here - Jessie and Tayva are coming! I am sure that posts over the next week or two will have many details of their visits. I have known Jessie since she was a 2 year old squalling in the church nursery! She is a lot of personality in a small package. I met Tayva when she was a precocious 9 year old - who always spoke her mind. It has been a joy to watch her grow into a young lady and have gracefulness and tact season this still outspokenness! I love these girls - and it will be so awesome to see them in person. It will be like a little love from "home". Don't tell their parents - I might try to keep them!

Also - breaking news - this morning I knew something was up when the cat didn't knock me over on my way to the bathroom to get my attention so I would FEED HER. This evening we returned home after a long day out and couldn't find her. It was strange - so we thought maybe she snuck out when one us opened the door and we didn't notice. We have been trying hard to keep her inside because we are worried she'll get up under our house or a neighbor's house and have those kittens - who will in turn become snake food. We looked everywhere - under beds, in closets, and didn't find her. A second search eventually found her way back behind Kendra's formal dress that was hanging in my bedroom closet. Her eyes were wide - and beside here were six squirming kittens! They are so gorgeous! You know I have to show you:
It looks like two white kittens who may end up looking like their mama, two very calico-ish kittens, one black kitty and one that seems to have stripes. They do seem to change as they get older - but it is a gorgeous variety. Fat Mama (a/k/a Rayne or Princess Sushi) should be so proud! She seems to be taking very good care of them. She did NOT like us moving them from my closet to Kaitlyn's - so we accommodated the princess and moved everything OUT of my closet so she could make a home for her babies there for the time being.

Earlier today - while making a grocery shopping trip for a month's worth of groceries, Kendra and Kullen decided they had enough of Walmart and wanted to go to the car so I gave them the keys. TheY ran the radio and the fan - and long story short - drained my battery. 45 minutes later AAA was there giving me a jump-start. I am going to have to get a new one before we make our trip to WV in a week and a half!

I have also cleaned out my inbox, sorted emails and got generally caught up on work (ah but there will be more tomorrow!), made dinner, and have bread baking in the oven now at half past midnight! I have a long day tomorrow too - so I had better get my butt to bed!

Hope y'all are doing well - I missed my blogging buddies today!
Love ya ~ Jewls


  1. We said our good-byes to Jessie and sent hugs with her to all of you. Although we'll miss her (especially Grace) we get to see you on her return!! Can't wait!

  2. I want you to know that Tayva was up and about before I was this morning! She is very excited. Tav is getting ready to head out with her. She asked if she could bring home one of the kittens and I'm letting you know that she CAN'T! Just so we are all on the same page. The are beautiful though.

  3. awww... does that make you a grandma???

    if i lived closer i would take a one! how adorable!

  4. Cute, cute, cute! Can I have one? Pleeeeeease?! I guess it's probably too much to ship one up to me. Maybe I could come get it, it's been years since I was last in Texas.

  5. How cute are they!


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