03 April 2007

Mister Linky Tutorial

I have noticed more and more, when I try to browse the auto link pages from some of the collective Mister Linkys that they are very inefficient. Especially when you are browsing older link lists, you have to often weed through numerous posts in order to find what you are looking for. This has its advantages. I was browsing around this evening for some crock pot recipes and got to know much more about this blogger, and I am so happy that I did. However, for efficiency's sake, I thought maybe if somebody just pointed out the problem, it may be a "lightbulb moment" for others. When you are using these linkies - for Slow Cookin' Thursday or Wordless Wednesday or the Quirky Quote Qontest or the "Scrap Happy" Meme that is soon to come to this blog (stay posted for details), the only way to make sure someone actually gets to the post that relates to the specific theme, is to link to the actual post. It took me a bit to figure this out as well. If I just link to my blog - and someone doesn't get to go through the Slow Cookin' Thursday linkies until the following Tuesday, by that time, my specific post (in this case a shared recipe) may be buried under like 20 other posts. The most efficient way to use the linkies is to use them to link directly to your related post. You do this by clicking on the title of your related post - and magically in the address bar at the top of the page it is on will contain the exact link to that post! A simple copy & pasting action, and you grab that bad boy and paste it in the "URL" spot in the Mister Linky - just under where you put your name. And there you have it - a way to save yourself and others some time and help them get directly to what you want them to find! Oh yeah, and don't forget to click the "Enter" button at the right!


  1. (commenting with a bag on my face)..

    a scrap meme! how cool!
    it may get me to get off my bum and start. :o)

    and no, there's aren't my pics, those are from the incredible dr. seuss, blondie was reading that just before bed, and i thought, wow that looks just like my day!

  2. there's? i think i meant those. not enough coffee yet.


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