13 April 2007

Blood and Gore, Get Lost, and I'm Tired

Yesterday at co-op, Kullen took a fall. He was sitting on a horizontal pole that was only about 18 inches off of the ground, but when he flipped backwards, he banged his head. I was inside the church where we meet, and suddenly another boy came running inside screaming, "He's bleeding". Kullen ran in behind him, and in slow motion I watched his hand come off the back of his head and it as FULL of blood. My new friend, Tina and I were in the bathroom with him, and six saturated wads of paper towels later, the bleeding finally stopped. It was such a small injury to have bled so badly - but I remembered a similar cut my brother got once on the elementary school playground that bled so badly I thought he was going to die. We escaped stitches - - - this time!

Today we had a day at the park scheduled. I got a bit of a late start, but it was raining, and I wondered if they would still have it. TWO HOURS later I found my way there - but it was worth it. The park was nice, and the weather was a little windy but comfortably cool, although overcast. I was so frustrated before we got there. It was my own fault, as I didn't print out the directions. Since I had read them, I thought I was alright, but I was very wrong. I stopped three times for directions - but nobody knew where this park was, or they didn't seem to know the name of any street, landmark, etc. that might have helped me get there. I used to live in the Blue Ridge Mountains where there were few street signs, and managed to give people fairly competent directions to get from one place to another. I have not had a good experience with directions since we got here.

Anyway, I'm tired - but that's a recap of things that have been going on since I last blogged. I have been having some deep thoughts lately - but those will have to wait for later. Have a super weekend!


  1. Yeeouch! Sometimes those head wounds bleed a lot! Glad he's ok.

  2. Glad he is OK. Heads bleed alot.
    It is good to hear that you have made some new friends. Are you collecting Tinas?

  3. We dodged the awful weather that hit the Metroplex last night, thankfully!

    About 6 years ago, I fell off the roof while hanging Christmas light. The telescoping ladder wasn't fully locked before I stepped onto the roof. I fell onto the porch and struck my head on a pile of firewood. I bled like nobody's business! I took 11 stitches to the back of the head and 3 in my shin. I was blessed that I didn't hit differently and break my neck! Needless to say, I no longer feel comfortable on ladders! Have a nice, relaxed weekend!


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