01 April 2007


Almost twice in a week - and really it's almost too much to take! First there was the honking incident, and then this - the hubby picks me these precious wildflowers Friday on his way home from work. It really melted my butter! (I think the combination of too many Beth Moore books and living in Texas is getting to me - we don't use such phrases in WV!) Anyway - they were gorgeous - and are a perfect reminder - I'm wild about the guy - and he must like me too sometimes. If you knew how hard this must have been for him, picking flowers out in public. Perhaps he found some growing behind a dumpster where he could pick unnoticed - either way I know it wasn't something that came naturally. They even came complete with stems fastened together with a tight black band of electrical tape. I'm such a spoiled girl!


  1. I *love* that you just wrote "melted my butter!" Beth Moore does tend to rub off on us, doesn't she? I love it!
    You were so sweet to visit my blog and you asked if I'm in Texas (yes I am!) and if I had bluebells in the photo on my blog and they are actually called bluebonnets but yes! They are everywhere!

    Your husband sound like a gem!

  2. What a sweetie!! I too have a husband who doesn't do the whole 'public displays of affection' thingy! But yesterday in church, he actually scooched closer and put his arm around my shoulders during the sermon!! :-) I looked at him to see if he was alright! LOL! I must admit that I enjoyed every minute of it, but I did find it a bit difficult to concentrate on the sermon! :-)

  3. I loved the dumpster comment. Once while we were dating, my hubby brought me wildflowers( i love those over store bought anyday). Later, I find out that his boss' wife picked them while he was visiting them and told him to give them to me. Oh well, he has redeemed himself many times since then.


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