10 April 2007

What Does a Good Blog Make?

That was a pretty backwards way to ask the question inspired by an email conversation I have been having with my friend Leslie at Raise the Cup. We were discussing blog traffic and what keeps people coming to your blog. She has several blogs and prefers blogs that are singularly focused on - politics, homeschooling, home-making, homesteading, current events, etc. I personally get bored with these blogs (not hers of course - I read ALL of them!). I do not repeat visit blogs that are about the same thing all the time, generally. There are some that have drawn me in, but I tend to visit, skim, and leave. The Google Reader has made this easy - I just glance the content and decide if I want to read more, visit, leave a comment, etc. Leslie and I both agreed that we find it ever so boring to visit a blog that is nothing more than memes - with nothing in between. I enjoy Thursday Thirteen and Slow Cookin' Thursday (evidently Thursday is my day for memes!) but there seems to be themes for every day of the week. I only participate in the ones that I find personally enjoyable. But if I stumble on a blog that is nothing but Secret Sunday, Manic Monday, Ta Da Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday...(you get the picture) - I likely won't return. I like memes - don't get me wrong - I'm even starting my own - but if that's all there is it gets rather boring. I like things that are a little more personal than that. Everybody is different, but I was wondering if I could get some input from readers - what do you like or dislike about certain blogs? Does finding someone's household schedule make you want to pluck your eyes out with a spoon, or does it encourage you to get your own act together? Do you find the rantings of political blogs monotonous or are they inspiring? What brings you back to a blog and makes you want to read more? Do you like one theme or a variety? Just thought maybe you would like to join our conversation and that we could all learn from each other.


  1. For sure what keeps me coming back is variety and the personal nature. So for example, yes, I might enjoy seeing someone's shopping list or household chores or daily schedule but also put some stuff in there about how rotten your kids are being (or how good:)), the big zits you've been getting, how nasty your husband's farts are....ha ha ha, but I mean, you know, the stuff of daily lives, the good, the bad, the ugly. That's what drags me back. I also like blogs with favorites or links listed, it makes for great "one stop shopping". (You could call it laziness on my part, I choose to label it "efficient"...lol)

    So, hope this helps! (BTW, I read your blog every day - I am terrible about lurking and rarely commneting, sorry!)

  2. I will have to check out Mammy, as I completely agree with what she wrote!

  3. Like the other commenters I generally like variety.

    Now there are some blogs that I do like that have a more narrow focus because they are sometimes the first that come to mind if I'm looking for info on a certain topic.

    And I also really like a blog that is well organized (categories, favorite entries), easy to comment on, and has useful information in the sidebar.

    As far as memes go, I haven't run across any blog that was solely memes and I have found some really neat blogs and helpful tips through them - Works for Me Wednesday, Frugal Friday, Ten on Tuesday, and Thursday Thirteen are my favorites I guess. I like checking out Wordless Wednesdays too though. Shoot it's blogging, I like just about all of it. Except for fighting... I do not like fighting!

  4. I like a varied blog - mix it up, I say. I looked at yours for the first time today, and will definitely become a regular. The muffins look great - anything from Taste of Home is awesome - if you don't subscribe, you should...worth the money by a mile.

  5. I definitley go for a mixed blog. I too don't return often to the ones that are all memes, and I try not to fill mine up with too many. Although it seems lately I've had a lot of 'vote for me' things going on. I'll be so happy when these dratted homeschool awards are over! I've become completely obsessed with my standings!
    Anyhoo, the blogs I like are ones that make me feel like I'm catching up with a good friend.

  6. Hmmm...well, being a person with 3 blogs...I like reading real stuff...personal observations about life, truths learned through living, and Biblical application that isn't stuffy or puffed up, but true to life.
    I have one blog for just book reviews and things bookish, one blog where I play around with different stuff, and one for inspiration...keeps things in order....so I don't mind a hodge-podge...but if I'm looking for book reviews, I don't want to scan 34 million baby pictures to find one:-)

  7. I think finding a blog that has some sort of thread that runs similar through it.. I love the variety and I'm always game for a variety of topics, so it really is more or less a hit and miss matter!
    I like some of the meme's but afterawhile I've decided there is more to blogging than just that and doing only the ones I really enjoy!

  8. I like blogs that are honest, open and where I get the feeling that I am just sitting with that person chatting. Doesn't really matter what they blog about ... if I'm not interested in a certain entry, I just move on.

    I have to say that I blog for myself. It's my personal journal to highlight my thoughts on things. Of course, I have a focus on frugal living, too, but I try to be honest and blog the bad days as well as the good ones. Not sure if I'm doing that, but since it's for myself, that's cool. When I opened up my new blog, I purposely did NOT put up a counter because I don't want to get caught up in how many visitors I have. I've done that before and my focus wasn't the same.

    I hope you are doing well ... loved the pictures of your new driver :-)

  9. I'm new at this blog thing -- both writing one and reading them.

    But so far I like the ones where I feel like I "know" the person some. I'd love to read a blog from a friend, neighbor, or relative. Short of that, I like to read Sandra Dodd's blog, and Stephanie's, and yours, because I feel like I know you a little bit already!


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