01 May 2007

Like a Cat with Her Fur Rubbed Backwards

We just checked into two adjoining hotel rooms. Girls are taking showers, cheesy shows are on the tube, microwaves are popping popcorn - and me, I'm ticked off. I am tired. Every part of me hurts - my back, my toes, my head, my shoulders, my arms, my calves, even the middle of the bottom of my feet. I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d, and frustrated. I was trying to get things out of the car after waiting an eternity for the ever so thorough desk clerk to check me in. Things were falling out of the van, ev-ery-where and my little sweethearts, each carrying their own little belongings and each with a free hand stood inside the front doors of the hotel looking-at-me. I on the other hand must've looked like a pack camel in a caravan with 42 water bottles, 3 unclaimed and mismatched shoes, a 832 pound backpack with dirty underwear hanging out, and sunglasses which used to be on the top of my head now hanging somewhere around my neck. Their friends offered to help - but the young ladies that I am making the unbelievably long, miserable drive for - the ones who want so badly to be at the spring formal with their friends - do they bother to think about anyone besides themselves - oh no! They are too busy calling "first shower", and making sure they have their journals, and makeup, and favorite pillow. Water? Nah, we will ask mom for water later - about two minutes after she's put her jammies on to get into bed. Snacks? We aren't hungry right now - which also means, we'll bug mom to provide something to eat when we are hungry, which will likely be the very most inconvenient moment, just after a stroke and shortly before she achieves mental instability that would qualify her (me) for permanent placement in the funny farm.
I think I know that every human being is basically selfish - but when I am tired like this and I see such a dramatically flamboyant display, it makes me very grouchy!
I DARE them to ask to use my computer! grrrrrrrrrr


  1. Teenagers--gotta love 'em. Thank goodness I only have a teenaged boy at home now. So far, he's much better then his sister was. I hope you get a good night's rest and feel better tomorrow!

  2. Teens didn't earn their reputation unfairly.

  3. Hope you got a good nights sleep and that today is fresh and good. Maybe you can sneak out of the hotel without them :)

    Hope to see you during this visit. I promise to help if I see you carrying a bunch of stuff.

  4. Two days of driving with a car full of kids will test anyone's patience and sanity. I hope you took a good long shower and got lots of sleep. Wish I could have come with you to help you drive.

  5. I can totally relate! Being the mom of 4 (3 girls & a boy) I have to say that the girls were more self-centered than my son is! I used to laugh and tell myself that when they were grownup and had families of their own, I was going to lie around, make messes in THEIR houses and let them wait on me. Well, 2 of the 3 daughters are married and have children of THEIR own and I just can't bare to do that to THEM!!!

    This too will pass. I remind myself that in just a couple of years, I'll be wishing I had to yell at kids for shoes all over the house, backpacks dumped by the front door, CD's on the couch, coats on the floor and so on...At least that's what I've been told!

    I'm sure the house will be clean and tidy but the silence will be deafening!

  6. what big red said! lol..
    hang in there girl.

  7. Deep breath sweetie, and a long hot shower, if they leave you any hot water!

  8. Thank you, Julie, for getting my girl home safely. I'm hoping that you get a good rest and I can't wait to see you!

  9. Ahhh...our arrival in CA was a little different in circumstance, but the SAME in frustration! If we hadn't pre-paid the hotel for the week, we would've left the very next morning!

    Fortunately for us, the week got a little better but it sure is nice to be HOME.

    Even if the weather is nicer in CA than here in Houston... but that's about the only thing!


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