25 May 2007

Pray for Adrianne

Last summer, a month before my father-in-law passed away, one of his great-grandchildren went to be with the Lord. My niece Adrianne went into labor unexpectedly at only 23 weeks into her pregnancy. While her baby, Ashton lived a short while, he was soon in the arms of the Lord. Adrianne is pregnant again, 22 weeks now. Yesterday she started bleeding and we knew that something was amiss. It appears that she may have an incompetent cervix - which means that when the baby's reaches a certain weight the cervix starts to dilate from the pressure. We are really praying that this is the answer and that she can deliver this baby - healthy and happy - at full term. If you would, say a prayer for she and her husband Michael, as well as my SIL, Vonda and MIL, Myrtice who are beside themselves with worry.

UPDATE - It appears that Adrianne's regular doctor - a specialist in high-risk pregnancies doesn't think that the stitches in her cervix are a good idea. They are ideally done at 14 weeks - and at this stage could cause her to go into labor. So, she is on strict bed-rest. I've been there myself, and I don't envy her. But as of now, everything is fairly stabilized. Keep praying.


  1. My sister Sara had the same problem when she was pregnant with her first child. Tyler was born and only lived a short time. When she became pregnant with my niece Olivia, they went in and stitched her cervix so that she wouldn't go into labor before her time. They took out the stitches when she was full-term and she went into labor shortly afterwards. Olivia will be 2 in October! I don't know if they can do that procedure after a certain point in the pregnancy, before they go into labor or not. I will keep her in my prayers!

  2. praying for all of you...

  3. Praying for Adrianne and her baby!


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