23 May 2007

Susie Sunshine Has Left the Building

I am sorry for that last post - it was a bit melancholy and sentimental. It is hard to know what brings memories like that on. Miss Sunshine is sure to be back in the morning!


  1. susie sunshine is overrated.. :o)~
    sentimental and melancholy is good at times you know..
    i loved the post..

    and by the way.. i'm sorry for the visual of poor bob.. but i figure since i was scarred for life i should share the joy.. what are friends for right?

  2. Susie Sunshine is boring. I enjoyed your post, it made me think of someone from my past too.

  3. I think we all have times in our lives where we are engulfed by sadness. Our daughter Jessica had a favorite Drama teacher in High School. His first year there was her Freshman year, During that school year, his wife and 2 of their 4 children were in a car accident and burned to death! She was in his class all 4 years and he was never the same after that. Two years ago, he took his own life. He just couldn't live under the weight of his sadness anymore.

    Cheery huh?


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