25 May 2007

Fresh Start for a Writer's Heart

I confess.....I am addicted to journals. There is nothing that gets me pumped up like an office supply store - the paper, the pens, the folders, the sticky notes, the blank pages screaming of possibilities. And having a new journal is like the crack cocaine of my habit. The fresh, clean pages just waiting to get started. I do have one small issue - I have about 20 journals that are about 1/4th of the way full. I get bored, or discouraged at my inconsistency. When I am in this funk, I will wander into a book store and suddenly I see them from across the crowded room - they are calling to me. The smell of the pages is intoxicating. The thoughts of the great things I could write if only I had this journal consume me. Ta heck with great literature, I'm gettin' me a book with nuthin' in it! Before I know it, cha ching! I own a new journal. Geesh - what is up with that? The honest truth is that my thoughts come so quickly that a handwritten journal is not very practical. I have tried to keep one using Word but haven't been consistent with that - eventually craving the handwritten touch and tactile sensation of writing in a journal.
I'm sick. Sick I tell you!


  1. Julie,

    I suffer from the same ailment. I have these blissful images in my mind of sitting in a big comfy chair with a warm cup of coffee and pouring my soul into the pages for hours at a time. But that, of course, is not the reality of my life - I'm lucky to spend 2 minutes alone on the potty!! Have a great weekend, and stop by and experience my own personal chaos when you make it to Central Texas.



  2. It is interesting- sometimes humorous, sometimes a bit sad to look back on what we have recorded about our lives. I know what you mean about the thrill of starting something new and having it whane after a bit- i am like that too.

    I was catching up on your blog today. I love the homeschool humor one- we get that all the time at the grocery store...
    You don't have to apologize for your more somber posts- we all feel reflective and melancholy at times. When I think of my teenage years, I get a little pain around my heart because I was not authentic and regret that. anyway, I will stop before I get too long.

  3. i want someone to invent a machine that records my thoughts as fast as i think them so i can hit rewind and write it all down..
    work at that will ya... :o)~

  4. Have I ever told you that you are completely crazy? A total nut? A complete loon? But I must admit you are a lovable nut!! :-)

  5. You and I are like 2 peas in a pod! I have the same addiction (as well as the same empty journals!)

    My MIL who just passed away last August, left years worth of diaries! Even the most mundane and seemingly stupid things, she wrote down at days end. She was very disciplined. I know that once my FIL passes and we have to go through their things,we'll have a pile of never-ending diaries.

    Will I like what she has written? What if I come across negative stuff about me? Those possibilities have tempered some of the things and some of the people I choose to write about!

    Gotta go and make a Office depot run!


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