28 May 2007

Deep Cleaning Thoughts

My brother-in-law has been visiting since Friday, and there is no limit to intriguing conversations. It has drained the little piece of my brain that I save for blogging. However, I was thinking this morning about my friend Renee's post about how she was trying to relax her housekeeping and let the home be more relaxed on this long holiday weekend. I am not good at the "relaxing" thing. In fact this morning I knew I was being intrusive to my husband and his brother as they were sitting at the computer looking at something together, but the carpet had gotten so cruddy that I couldn't stand it one second longer and I had to vacuum it, right then! I make my children make their beds every day, I hate a sink full of dishes, and I can't stand for the bathroom sink to be covered with "stuff". Clutter on horizontal surfaces like the counter or table bugs me, and I have to sweep the floors in the house at least every other day or they drive me nutty with stuff sticking to my feet. However, I do not make anyone take their shoes off at my house, people may put their feet up if they like, and I try in most other ways to keep life easygoing around here. I grew up in a house that was like a museum - there were no signs that people actually lived in most of the house. I tend toward that but fight it with all that is in me. I know that if children are worried about making a mess that it stifles creativity. But, I also know for me that the clutter is distracting. I am trying to strike a happy medium.
In light of this post - take a minute to take the poll on my sidebar to the right. It will be interesting to see how others respond to this question.


  1. That's all well and good - you and my hubby would get along great - but what about Scrap Happy???? It is Monday, right?

  2. Sounds fun, but I don't see the poll.

  3. I want you to know that I NEVER have felt uncomfortable in your house. You are very good at making a homey house and one that is very inviting and comfortable.

  4. I found the poll. I had been looking on the wrong side. I thought you meant it was to the right of the person facing the monitor, so that's where I had been looking. Turned out to be to my left. LOL.
    P.S. What is the purpose of the word verification when we leave comments?

  5. I managed to find the poll. I have a hard time relaxing if the basics aren't done- floor swept, dishes in dishwasher, laundry not piled high on dryer, etc. I try to find a balance, actually, homeschooling has forced that on me as I don't have the time to have a spotless house. I like it to look under control though- not too cluttery.

  6. I voted! I would like to say that we make our beds every day. That is our goal but there are a few days out of the month that it just doesn't get done. I would love to have less clutter but still maintain a relaxed atmosphere - help!!! I did get that closet in the bathroom clean out and organized. It was driving me crazy!

  7. yikes.. i tried the poll and it said unauthorized use.. it was that bob barker post wasn't it.. you've blocked me.. :o)~

    how i would have voted.. (which by the way i didn't see this option)
    i always have to have my bed made. however, i don't make my kids do it everyday.

    and usually i have one who does it everyday, two who make it every other day and special occasions.. and one who complains about special occasions.. "ah geez i just made it 6 months ago..."

  8. Hehehe! Have you met my husband? He has OCD and makes my house look like a show house! My job is to go around and mess it up enough before people come to make them feel like they CAN relax and enjoy themselves! (And no! You don't wish your husband was like that! It can be really difficult and causes alot of stress! His idea of tidying up is to open any cupboard and shove everything in to get it out of sight. I NEVER know where to find anything!! Arrrgggghhhhh!)
    What a giggle about the sat-nav/gps thing! Sorry I just couldn't think of the American term for them! Braindead moment.

  9. You have a good balance. Your home is always inviting and I am sure part of that is that you keep it clean so there is a place to sit :)
    I was "relaxed" over the weekend while my brother and his family were visiting, but Monday morning I couldn't take it anymore and did about a hundred loads of laundry and some bathroom clean-up as well as vacuuming. Sometimes you just gotta do it.

  10. *LOL* And here I fight to keep the house tidy, as I came from a home that was pretty aweful all the time...

    Well I wish you luck on your more relaxed housekeeping, and I hope you wish me luck on my more kept up housekeeping!!


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