20 May 2007

The Hero and the Ogre

I knew we weren't going to go visiting new churches today. The "down" weekend has been great. It has been so good to be home, and in case I have never said it before I...love....my....house. It makes me truly happy to be back in Texas, second only to Travis. The weather has been a dream, and I was shocked to find that the seeds I planted before I left are now huge-mongous plants.
This morning we listened to a televised sermon and found a church we will visit next weekend. It was pretty cool - I had listened to the guy online and just knew Travis would love him - and I was right. After that, we went outside and did some yard work. Once again, I had a little lesson in humility. I was bent over in the sunshine above and the dirt below of my weedy little garden patch, and getting more and more frustrated by the minute that Travis was not helping me. He did pound some stakes in for the tomato plants (untraditional stakes at that: all-thread, pvc pipe and any other thing he could pound in the ground that would hold the weight of the plants - my improvising genius spouse!) but then he went in to his computer. Little did I know, he was working on putting together a computer for me (an old laptop with a broken screen attached to his flat screen monitor), so I can keep up with things until my new hard drive arrives.
Geesh! Sometimes I hate myself. Why am I always so quick to assume the worst? I am so thankful that he did not respond to my frustration in anger, but that his peacekeeping attitude made all the difference. I sure can be an ogre at times.
Speaking of ogre - - - has anybody seen Shrek the 3rd? I hope we can go see it sometime this week! When you see the green guy - think of me!

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  1. i'm an ogre too at times.. and it ain't pretty sista...
    my husband is usually very forgiving after the chocolate cake peace offering.. :o)~

    and i know what you mean about "home"... i love the feeling of pulling into the driveway after i've been gone for awhile.


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