26 May 2007

Co-op Finale

Ta da! It's over. Our co-op is done for the year. We ended it with a bang - a nice co-op celebration - the kids did some specials - for one, a sign language song to music that I got to work with them on. I have always loved that. There were piano solos and duets, a beautiful guitar duet, and two speeches from members of the public speaking class - one being none other than my daughter, Kendra. She spoke on "real beauty" - if you remember I linked to her blog about it here the other day. It was great - everyone remarked about what an accomplished and talented speaker she is. I was also asked to speak and addressed the group about homeschooling. I love public speaking - I always have, especially about things I believe in. We are home now - bearing reward certificates, and a little sugared up from the goodies we ate afterwards. It is good to belong to something, as it makes it feel a little more and more like home all the time.


  1. This is just the first step...you'll be owning the co-op by next year! (and they'll be lucky if you do)

  2. Hooray! And congrats to all. I have always loved sign language songs to music. They are so incredibly beautiful. Do your kids know sign language?

  3. Hey Jewels! Sounds like a great time. Glad it is another small step to feeling 'at home' in texas. By way of a bit of translation for you - a 'sat nav' is an in car satalite navigation device. You know, the little box that tells you which way to turn to get where you want to go? This is the same thing that someone smashed our window the first time last year to snatch out of the windscreen! He had only had it for couple of weeks when it got taken and he has been wanting a replacement eversince but it just wasnt very high on the priority list with our finances at the moment. (as if it ever would be a priority - LOL!) Anyway, I hope that helps with our trascontinental lingo! Have a great Memorial Day!

  4. congratulations! on both celebrations.. co-op end and home beginning... :o)


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