14 May 2007

The Beginning of the End

Tomorrow it starts - the goodbyes. Actually we said a few tonight. I think it will be easier this time. We have done it a few times already. Also, it helps to know that we can always come back and visit. There are things we learn every time that we come. Several friends have told me that the kids say they miss it here and want to come back, and while I don't deny that this is true - I have also heard them say they like Texas. I am thinking that a year between visits, at least, may be the best medicine for that. Coming back twice this first year was one thing, but it also interrupts our opportunities to make lives for ourselves in Texas.
I am meeting one friend for breakfast in the morning - just the two of us - and that sounds like fun - uninterrupted conversation over coffee - how good does it get!? Then another friend and I are going to Rita's for ice cream with all of our bunches. That will be nice too. Then in the afternoon and evening, we need to get busy about cleaning and organizing the house as well as packing the car. Ugh. I hate this part. But if everybody pitches in it won't be so hard. I have to say - I dread the 3 day drive. We will stop in Alabama again and see Karen's family. What a blessing they are. We will stay for a day and visit this time. I already know I need the break.
Have I ever mentioned that I hate driving?

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  1. um... you may have mentioned it... mwhahahahhaha..
    i will be praying for a safe return and NO STRESS... :o)

    you get uninterrupted conversation over coffee??? i'm jealous..


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