19 May 2007

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back

I am sitting on a very uncomfortable stool in my son's room on his computer. Let's just say I am not in my bloggy-zone. And while I am glad to be able to get on the computer, I will be very glad when mine is up and running again. We called HP this afternoon and found that the hard drive in my computer which is only 6 months old is corrupted. They are sending me a new one (thankfully) but we aren't sure I'll be able to get everything off of the last one. Ugh! Please pray.
I wanted to take a minute and brag on the Lord a little bit. The last time I went away for a long trip, I got back to a hubby who had become a little too accustomed to his peace and quiet, and life without the confusion, chaos and interruption that living with a family brings. The man was grouchy and after only a couple of days home - I wanted to leave again. We made it through that unscathed - however, leaving again had me worried. I cast all these cares on the Lord. I got home last night to a man standing outside in the late night hours watching for our car. It has been super to be back home with him again - and I know that only the Lord could do this between us. I am so thankful.
I also wanted to thank the Lord publicly if you will, for the safe travel He gave us and the opportunity to visit with my friend Karen and her family about half-way. The visit with their family left me wondering how we haven't always been friends. There is still so much we don't know about each other - and yet I feel like I have known her forever. Weird - but I love friendships like that. God definitely orchestrated it - both of our families recovering from moving and in need of friends, it was just what we all needed. We laughed, watched movies, enjoyed intelligent conversation, and Karen and I even had a chance to sneak away for a pedicure where I proceeded to talk.her.ear.off! However, while great things are happening all around us - the sin nature is always waiting to rear its ugly head - and I may have divulged something of a gossipy nature to Karen that likely she would rather not have heard. It was how a particular situation related to me personally - but I feel I owe her a public apology if I unwittingly involved her in gossip. Ugh. I am adequately humbled. Again.


  1. I'm thankful you got home safely to a happily waiting hubby!

    And God is so good to give us friends, isn't He?

  2. Hey Jewels!
    Glad you are home safely! And that you were welcomed so warmly - Aaawwwww! Certainly praying about the computer and the non-working appliances. Also praying that you settle back into 'home' quickly and easily. Love ya' Deedee

  3. I too have beeen in hard-drive crashland! It's not a fun place to be! Glad your trip was refreshing for you!

    I remember not long after my hubby and I had married and promptly moved to Lincoln, Nebraska far away from family, I was taking my 2 oldest girls back to St Louis to stay with my grandmother for a week. I had been carrying on & on about how homesick I was to be back with my family. As I left the city limits sign behind me on Hwy 2 in the pre-sunrise hours, a feeling of sadness came over me. I thought of my beloved lying in our bed, still sleeping in our cozy home. That's when I knew where my real home was, right there in his heart and in his arms!

    It sounds like you had a wondeful time back "home" with people you cherish. Isn't it weird how satan tries to rob us of our refreshment by throwing life back at us? Things like oven doors, computer crashes and busted refrigerators? he never cuts us a break does he?

    Hugs from North Texas,

  4. glad you're back safely and had such a good time with friends.. missed you!


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