31 May 2007

Vote for ME at Top Momma!

A couple of months ago, I entered as a contender at Top Momma. Basically you put up a zany photo (one that will attract the most attention) and people click to check out your blog. Whoever gets the most clicks wins. I was just entered as a new contender about 2 hours ago. If you are interested in helping me keep my spot there, please go on over and click on the picture of my friend Tina and me in a windstorm (see sidebar to the left)!
Thanks for your clicks in advance!


  1. I voted for you! I was on the front page for a few weeks! It's fun!

  2. I think I voted for you. I ended up back here at your blog!

  3. now just hang on there missy.. do i get chocolate if i vote?


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