07 May 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 4

I almost missed this! I am on a trip WAAAAYYYY out of state!
I am missing my hubby today - which inspired my page for the week. The picture was taken on our anniversary last summer!
Hope your week is Scrap Happy!


  1. very nice! and congrat's!
    Hope you're having a nice trip! :)

  2. I took a digital picture of some traditional scrapbooking. The words didn't come out very clearly but I think you can still get the basic idea!

  3. i love this! the colors are fantastic!!
    and you and travis aren't so bad either.. :o)

  4. I can't believe this is digital...I wish I could figure out how to do something so nice. Good job!

  5. Very nice layout... I love good photos of me and my hubby, but I don't always get to scrap them, because they always make it to a frame on my desk first! :o)


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