29 May 2007

Peace in the Chaos

Our household is a bit chaotic. There is always something going on. The door is opening and closing - somebody is going in or out. The dog is going from room to room to see who he can annoy until somebody gives him the boot. The cat and kittens are meowing. Phones are ringing or text message alerts are going off. The television or game cube are on (sometimes). You can hear the clicking of computer keys, the laughter of children, music, the washer, the dryer, the buzzer, knocks on the door, feet walking across the hard-wood floors, the kitchen timer, etc. etc. etc. There really is never a dull moment around here. This weekend was rather low-key - but any combination of a number of these things was going on at any given time. My brother-in-law lives alone. He has remarked "wow" more than once at the amount of activity that goes on. He thinks me some kind of writer. I love to write - but I never truly have two brain cells to put on any given project. Recently I was asked to write a chapter for a compilation book on unschooling. I would like to do it - I am going to give it a try - but I need to find a place where I can get in the zone. Can anybody relate? Does life as a mom sometimes suck all the personal creative energy out of you? I used to be a person - back some years ago before being a mom - and lately I am swallowed up in them. I do not resent it - but I am ready to do something creative. Brent (the BIL) has a drafting table that we are going to put in Kaitlyn's bedroom because he doesn't have anywhere to put it - and she will enjoy it for drawing. We are going to move her desk to a corner of my bedroom - and hope that this gives me a quiet place to write my little heart out. I am sure I will sneak some blogging in too every now and then, when I have nothing else to do! Bwaaaahahaha!


  1. Oh boy can I relate. I at one point in my life was very artistic. I did pencil drawings, water colors, my personal favorite chalk pastels... I haven't done it in YEARS, I don't think I could anymore. I also loved to do handcrafts; needlepoint, cross stitch, crochet, sewing, ect... I can actually get some crocheting in when I'm watching movies, but really all of those things are of the past. As my kids are getting older though, I can feel the passions rise in me to try some of those things again. Right now my heart is in raising my children and I'm really ok with that. I think it will be lonely when all of the chaos stops.

  2. I can happily concur with you. There are sacrifices of creativity that go along with motherhood, yet the act of being a mother is one heck of a creative process!! Best wishes in carving out some writing time. Please keep us posted!

  3. well twin sister of course i can relate!!
    actually i never sleep.. which is why i'm here at 2 in the morning.. but what i've found out is that i have to have that time to be a person. i usually carve mine out in the still of the night. but when i do take that time to develop my own personal creativity i am much more relaxed and enjoy putting on my mom face in the morning. half asleep but relaxed.. :o)~

    you must write!
    (and share with me of course)


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