10 May 2007

Two Pots of Coffee and Four Boxes of Captain Crunch

My girls wanted to have a small group of their homeschooling friends over for a late night of playing cards, watching movies, etc. the way we used on occasion when we lived here. "Homeschooling" being the operative word which means that the late night part could be flexible. After talking to some of the parents, we determined it would be best if instead of having to be picked up at midnight, that everybody just stay overnight. Being able to stay in this lovely house that belongs to my friends provided this opportunity. The boys slept in the basement and the girls slept upstairs near me - although sleep seems the wrong word - we were talking and playing games until 3 am.
When I got up the next morning, Kameron was the first one awake, and he had made a pot of coffee. (Evidently he drew the short straw and got the floor or the chair to sleep on and didn't sleep all that much!) The weather was nice so we sat on the screened in porch in the back and drank coffee and talked for about an hour and a half before anyone else made an appearance. Kameron is like me, he needs other people and relationships to thrive. I get him.
It is an amazing thing to me to be in the lives of young people that I knew when they were small and see them grow up into these incredible young adults. I grew up moving around so much, and was always in so much chaos that I was in junior high school before I developed any long term relationships - and that was only because I had a friend that held on to me no matter where I moved. That morning, Kameron and I talked about all kinds of things. It wasn't what we talked about that meant so much, but that he is a 15 year old that values a relationship with me - and I with him. Somewhere along the road my lives intertwined with these kids - and they are almost like my own in my heart.
When everybody got up they started in on the four boxes of Captain Crunch cereal that I got for a quick and easy breakfast. Tayva asked if I'd ever move back to West Virginia, and I told her I'd only be back if Travis died. (off the cuff - which by the way was just a joke!) Just for a moment I thought I saw an evil glint flash through several sets of eyes!


  1. I think it's wonderful when kids have adults other than their parents to connect with. My kids have someone like that too. I think it helps them feel accepted and loved because unlike parents, that person doesn't have to love them or even like them.

  2. Hi there- i live in such a different climate than you. If your feet tend to sweat in the summer, they will sweat in crocs too, I guess. I know they are designed to let your feet breath. They are resistant to yucky foot stuff- microbial or something, they call it. I don't know about cheaper dollar store knock- offs in that regard. Anyway, they are quite comfy and handy to slip on and kick off when you need to. Plus, I like having something cheery and bright on my feet to perk me up.

  3. You should post pictures! I know you have them, you were flashing your camera all night!

  4. it's obvious you have a heart for teens. i am so glad they have you!!

  5. Thank you for being the awesome mom type figure for my kids to hang out with. I know they love you and I so totally trust you with them because I know that you will treat them as if they were your own.

  6. That was so much fun!!! Just hanging out with friends again like we used to...that night especially for some reason, it was just ideal. It felt so perfect the whole night. Everyone came together just the you imagine a bunch of friends coming together...I don't know if it was the circumstances or the specific set of people there or what, but it was just fantastic.
    Everyone in the group contributed different personalities. It was so cool how even the people that sort of rub each other the wrong way had fun together...
    We have Devan, the temperamental artist, and Kameron the huge dork that runs around saying 'Hello Fred!'. Then we have Kaitlyn, the moody priss and Tayva the bubbly, punkish tomboy. Then of course Dillon and I (need I say more?). Totally different, diverse group of people...but it was SO much fun.
    Guess that's all I had to say.


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