11 May 2007

He Jumped Me

This post is not as interesting as it may first appear. Yesterday I was carting a immigrant truckload mini-van full of kids to meet up with a friend to see Spiderman 3. Yes, yes, I already saw it at midnight on opening night with a group of teenagers, but Kullen wanted to go and see it with some monkeys of his friends. So yesterday afternoon, we head out to the movie theater. My evil nemesis friend Tina and I were supposed to meet up there. She called and said she was stopping at the Goodwill store. I stopped to meet her there and had my car turned off for no longer than 5 minutes, but when I tried to crank it, it clicked like my battery was dead. I have AAA, but we had a movie to make, so I pulled out the rusty jumper cables hubby put in the back of my car because he didn't bother to get me a new battery before my long trip to WV in case of an emergency. My cables didn't work - we figured either they were too rusty or my battery terminals were to corroded. Tina was no help at all as she freaked at the sight of the cables and stood eight feet away at all times hollering "be careful" a great help as she tried to "make eye contact" with any men passing by. The two hoods up should have been a great clue that we were two white trash women with 42 kids between us trying to use battery cables because we didn't expect anyone to come and rescue us damsels in distress. Eventually what always happens in West Virginia did - a redneck pulled up, and couldn't resist the opportunity to be our hero! I thought Tina was going to die laughing when he walked up and I asked him if he could "jump me". Just about that time the hood of her car came slamming down!
Yes, this true and funny story really happened! See why I miss these dysfunctional people so much! Eventually AAA had to come and rescue me, and I went to Auto Zone and bought a new battery. The hubby informed me that what I paid $60 he could've gotten me for $39 in Texas. I just smiled thinking of what I might use those rusted up jumper cables for when I get home!!!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! You have me cracking up! I can see the whole thing playing out. I love my dysfunctional redneck friends!

  2. I love the way you told that story! It gave me a grin, especially the white trash part! Redneck word of the day:
    "Ya didn't brang any of them jumper thangys wijadidja?"

  3. So how was the movie? :)

  4. redneck heroes and friends who let you be the one getting shocked from rusty cables..
    life doesn't get any better does it..

  5. Glad to see you have your sense of humor back my dear!! :-) What a giggle!!!!LOL!

  6. LOL! Or I would be if I weren't in the library. Funny how words can have totally different meanings. You are likely to get some interesting google searches now. . . Sorry that you had trouble but it did make for a good blog entry.

    Yes, I did say library. Our internet connection is down and I'm such an addict that I had to get on my blog. It has been nearly 24 hours! My dad and John are trying to get it fixed. Until then, we'll have to call eachother. Just don't call me now. I'm at the library. Shhhhhh! They have signs everywhere saying "No cell phones!"


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