10 May 2007

Funny Boy

My boss posted a funny story about something her son said on her blog. It made me think of my son Kullen who gives me and endless supply of hilariousness. Like the time when he was 7 or 8 and we were talking to a homeschool skeptic, who asked him when his birthday was. He said he didn't know. I said, "Kullen?" thinking how could he NOT know his own birth date. He shrugged his shoulders and said with wide eyes, "Well how should I know, YOU never told me?!??"
Just a couple of days ago I was picking him up from hanging out at a friend's house around 11 o'clock, and he said, enthusiastically, "Mom did you hear what I did today?" Well, I hadn't - I had gone in one direction, and my friend was supposed to pick him up from the house of another friend. (We are really making the rounds here in WV.) He proceeded to tell me how he was dared and jumped into the swimming pool at my friend Kate's house! I was flabbergasted. Fortunately Kate has a sense of humor, and endless energy for boys like Kullen. Thank GOD!
So anyway, this funny boy is all mine. He can roll his tongue, whistle, stand on his head, count to like a trillion, but he does not know his birthday and has impulse control issues. It doesn't matter, he makes me laugh until my sides hurt, he tells me I'm beautiful every day, and I love him anyway.


  1. You've been tagged for a little game if you would like to play along.

  2. Impulse control issues...

    I like that. Definitely applies to my oldest right now!

    Have a beautiful Mothers Day!

  3. I have a son who is incredibly charming. I had to spank him one time for one of his many misdeeds and he looked at me, wiggled his eyebrows and I just couldn't bring myself to pounce on his behind! He tried it again not to long after the first incident (I told you he had many misdeeds) but I told him it wouldn't work a second time and whipped his hiney. He's 16 now and when he wants me to do something for him, he still does that whole eyebrow thing and we just laugh! After having 3 daughters, when my little boy came into our lives, the world and my heart just got bigger & bigger! I can't believe he's nearly finished his Sophomore year of high school.

    You ladies look lovely in the picture you posted with the formal dresses!

    Your visit with Kameron reminded me of my nieces and nephews who are all grown up now but we can just sit & chat and truly enjoy each other!

  4. impulse control issues! i love it. i bet he keeps you on your toes and telling you're beautiful everyday.. how could you ever get mad??
    special little man you have there!


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