23 May 2007

Insatiable Bloodsuckers

Mosquitoes that is. I woke this morning to a ton of mosquito bites, only one of which I knew about last night before I went to bed. There aren't any inside the house - and my outside time yesterday consisted of a 30 foot walk to the car and back. I don't know how they did it - they must've bit me through my clothes. I even have them on my back, and the more I think about them the itchier they get! Ugh. I have always been the one person in a crowd to draw all the mosquitoes to myself. I remember last fall when we moved in here that for a couple of weeks if I went outside at all I came back in having been "eaten up" as my grandmother would say. I did however read online that garlic is a natural mosquito repellent - not to mention the other bloodsuckers, vampires that I could hold at arm's length!


  1. mosquitoes ick!! garlic does work. for fleas too. not that i have fleas.. :o)~ but i do put garlic powder in my dogs' dry food. and they have never had fleas. amazing isn't it.
    i don't get eaten up by bugs.. my husband says that proves i'm not sweet enough... hmmmmm

  2. We are very lucky here not to have too many mosquitoes. I'm a little worried though about next week, as we're heading off camping and there will likely be tons of mosquitoes. I guess I'll pack the garlic!

  3. You can't live in Texas (especially close to the coast as I gather you are) and avoid mosquitoes! Two words we live by: BUG SPRAY - don't leave the house without it. It only takes a small shower, and a few days later - look out!

  4. My friends says that you must take extra Complex B Vitamins. I need to remember to get some...for me and the kidlets. For some odd reason, hubby does not get eaten alive like we do.


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