14 May 2007

Scrap Happy - Week 5

My apologies to all of my meme people! I am sorry - it seems I forgot that it was Monday. All the travelling, an asthmatic child that was having a sleepover who called me every 2 hours and a hubby emergency with the debit card - all that transpired wiped some of my memory clean!
Here is my page for this week:
I made this page with either a Scrap-a-Deal kit from 3Scrapateers or a Half-n-Half kit - they are both kits where you get part for a cheap price, and after you upload a page you made with the kit, you get the rest of it! It is kind of fun, and I was doing it regularly for a while. I will have to check it out again soon. It is a great way to collect graphics.
I can't wait to see your pages - and if I haven't commented, please know that I will catch up when I get home from my trip - Lord willing - by next weekend!
Happy Scrappin'!


  1. Hey Julie -

    Cute scrapbook! I love scrapbooking and I wish I had more time for it. :)

    Just popping in to say hi, I hope everything is going well for you! Sounds like you've been busy!

  2. i'm interested in digital scrapbooking. I've done lots of regular scrapping, but am now so far behind on it I have no interest in catching up. I think digital is the way to go, as all my pics are on the computer anyway. Can you point me in the direction of good places to start? I know absolutely nothing (not something you'll find me saying very often!) Thanks Julie!

  3. First a question...what is a meme person and does it make you smarter if you are one?

    And...Kaitlyn looks just like Kullen in the bottom right hand picture.

    Please don't introduce me to one more thing to do on the computer. please

  4. Oh my - I did my page early in the week. I downloaded a free "paper package?" but then had no program to work it with. Did some reading, and discovered you could put them together with Word. Worked like a charm - until just now when I discovered I didn't know how to insert it into my post. Also don't know how to convert it to a jpg file. Alas, back to step one.

  5. i love this page! i am blessed to have two wonderful sisters and i was so happy peanut was a girl so blondie could experience that relationship.
    i'm glad your girls are so close.


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