15 May 2007

Addicted - I Think Not!

Two people who I sometimes call friends (hmphf!) were teasing me yesterday about being "addicted to the internet". First of all I am a work-at-home mom who does the majority - 99.9999% of my work on the computer - internet and email. That puts me on the computer a lot of hours. Secondly, my main uses for the internet are checking my bank statement, occasionally shopping online and blogging. I may be addicted to blogging in the sense that I do it regularly. Like right now, when I have about a trillion tasks to accomplish today, I thought I'd take a wee moment to shoot my thoughts out here into blogland. Okay so maybe I'm "addicted" to blogging. I don't say anything when others are absorbed in sports, work, gaming, television shows, etc. We can all decide how to invest our time. Also consider the fact that I moved a year ago to a place where I don't even have one single girlfriend yet - I have a few great prospects, but not one that I can just call and say, "Hey, let's go somewhere, I just need to get out." Anyway - I know they were just teasing - but I disagree - I am not addicted to the internet - I am a blogaholic!


  1. I didn't read your post about Mothers Day until today but I am sure glad I did! It is nice to get reminders on being a Christian wife, with our focus on Christ instead of things of the world. When I read things like your post, I feel renewed and happy to be a helpmeet to my awesome husband and grateful he overlooks my flaws! :)

  2. greetings from one blogaholic to another!! :-) Will be praying as you head off on your trip home! Love ya' girl!

  3. My husband, who thinks himself hilarious, has likened my blogging and computer use to a crack habit. He says that everytime I check my email, stats or google reader, I should imagine I'm taking a hit of crack. Would I ever want to do that to my kids? Be whacked out all day? No way! Sometimes it helps me to look at how often I'm on the darn thing! Sometimes I just think my hubby is plain goofy :-)

    Thanks for the digiscrap links, I'm off to learn!

  4. The internet is wonderful when you are worlds away from all that is familiar! I know it helped me stay sane in Romania. I also do a lot on the computer and online. I've been here more since blogging was introduced to me. Now if we could only blog and exercise at the same time!

  5. PS- We are back online here at home!!

  6. You gotta give Texas a chance. Remember - home is where you and your family are.

    FYI - You've been tagged for a meme - seven things you've learned in your life.

  7. I'm not addicted either. I could give it up any time I wanted. I just don't want to EVER. HA!!
    At least you write and you have new entries unlike others who need to GET a little addicted and like write in their blog more then once a year.
    You know who you are.
    You're my blog hero Julie..don't let anyone put you down. You don't need to quit...do it more Julie. It's okay...blogging won't hurt you. We're all doing it.

  8. We should form a support group. But we can't call it Blogaholics Anonymous since we all know that "Anonymous" is often a very bad person that usually causes strife in the comments section!


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