23 May 2007

Hey LOST addicts?

What's up with THAT ending?
There is a neat cluster of posts linked at Rocks in My Dryer. If you haven't seen the finale yet, this post may be a spoiler.
My family and I just started watching LOST a couple of months ago based on a recommendation by my friend Karen. We generally don't watch television, but for some reason this show hooked us! Travis came home last night, we had a quick dinner of BLT's and watched the last two episodes of LOST so that we would be ready for the finale. We were all so bummed. To kill two birds with one stone, here are my 13 thoughts about LOST!
  • Nobody in my family understands why Charlie had to die. Although he shut the door to the room he was in to prevent the entire place from flooding, and to save Desmond, Desmond still had to go out the way he came in. Why didn't Charlie just go out the door and swim out together? Is it possible the door only shuts tight from the inside? Still the question remains, why not just dive in and go out the way they came? We were all really irritated that it seemed Charlie just submitted to his death without trying to survive.
  • Obviously Ben was right about the "ship" that was off shore that they were contacting with the satellite phone. There was something amiss. However, it would appear from the (as Karen called it) "flash forward" that they were indeed rescued. What did Ben know about what would happen? What did Locke know? Why did he kill Naomi - the girl that parachuted in with the phone?
  • There was a lot of gruesome killing on these last few episodes. Very cold blooded. It provided some good opportunities to talk about revenge. The best lesson was about Sawyer - that even though he finally killed the man he held responsible for all of his pain, he wasn't any less miserable.
  • Who is on the good side? Who is on the bad side? Is Locke evil now that he seems to have joined the "others"? Can we trust Juliet now that she has confided in them, and betrayed Ben?
  • Why did Jack kiss Juliet with an obvious gesture beyond friendship, and then say he loved Kate? I almost glossed over this - just thinking about situations where you can be torn between two people - but my girls didn't and I am so glad that they saw this as a chink in Prince Charming's armor.
  • If the show is called "LOST" and they are rescued, doesn't the show end here? I mean I imagine they can continue on with the lives of the characters as they re-acclimate into their old lives, but the show would change so much that it wouldn't be the same.
  • Was Walt dead or alive?
  • If it was a "flash forward", why did Jack refer to his dead father, saying "Get my father down here and see if I'm drunker than he is"?
  • Also, did anyone get the idea that they may be in some sort of secular after-life kind of place? Purgatory? What was up with Naomi saying that all their bodies had been found in the plane? They have certainly encountered apparitions of dead people on the island - but they seemed separate from the rest of them. Locke's dad (if you can call him that! I really loathe that man!) referred to it as hell. I have this unformed thought stream - thinking about how the "Others" only seemed to snatch the good people at the beginning and wondering how that all plays in together.
  • What is up with Kate and Sawyer? It appears that she loves Jack, and is using Sawyer. I have started to think of them as a cute couple, however, I am liking Kate's character less and less. Who was the him that Kate had to get back to? We know it wasn't Jack.
  • I was devastated to see the sequences of Jack "off" the island were a "flash forward" and not a flashback. I would have thought the island changed him for the better.
  • Hurley rides in a VW van and saves the day. Did anybody see that coming?
  • I can't wait for next season!!!!
Anyway - I am sure there will be more ramblings about LOST. I enjoyed it - but the ending TOTALLY left me scratching my head! (No mosquito bites there - in case you're wondering!) What are YOUR thoughts?


  1. So yeah, I had a lot of the same thoughts. Totally confused as to what Jack meant about his dad. Except for the fact that he was high so maybe that explains that. So disappointed that it was a flash forward. What does he mean they should have stayed on the island?

    Didn't see Hurley coming, my absolute favorite part of the show!!

    I have thought it very violent lately too! What's up with that? I think Sawyer has lost his mind!

    I think Jack loves Kate in a different way. He feels romantic about Juliette. Although I was suprised about the kiss in front of Kate too. Not so appropriate.

    I think Ben is right and they are bad guys off the shore. I have no idea what is coming and can't wait until next season. It stinks it doesn't come back until January!

  2. I am a big Lost fan. Since the beginning I have been loyal. Last year they almost lost me. The writeres were all over the place. I am glad they improved this year!

    I was shocked to see Charlie killed off. There were a lot of twists and turns with even more answers and more confusion.

    Hurley saving the day was one of the best. YAY!!!

    If Ben would just start telling the truth and quit being a control freak we woud know who is who.

    Locke is my favorite believe it or not. Why? I think he is deeply spiritually connected to something on that island. He isn't Ben's friend for sure. He is a lone wolf on this island. He knows secrets and Walt told him something. We will have to find out goodness knows when.

    The ending was freaky. The future? Alternative time. Jack mentioned to teh doctor to go and find his father and if he was as drunk as him he could kick Jack out. Isn't Jack's father dead? Isn't that why he went to Australia? My head is spinning!

    Glad I ran into another Lost fan. We just keep asking questions. :o)~

  3. Yes! I love LOST too! I cannot believe we have to wait all summer for next season! Ok, so here are some of my thoughts...
    *Charlie, we were wondering the same thing; why'd he have to stay inside the room?
    *Why the heck did Jack kiss Juliet?! Unless, he doesn't necessarily trust her and is trying to keep her around for benefit of the Losties...??
    *Hurley saved the day! I loved it!
    *I also have no idea what Locke new and why he killed Naomi, unless Walt magically told him stuff
    *If they did get off the island the title LOST could still have meaning. I mean when you see their lives before the island they were all pretty lost in someway.

    ok...so I'm so glad I found another LOST addict out there!

  4. i've watched this show the 1st time it came out, it was really good! and somehow i lost track of the show and so i couldn't really get back to it...i totally get confused...too bad, i missed out a bunch!

  5. Charlie had to die so Claire and Aaron could live...in his mind.

  6. Okay, so I've never seen a single episode. I'm thinking I should start watching next season. Will I be totally lost? (No pun intended, really!)

    My TT is up, too. Stop by, if you can!

  7. Right, Charlie need to die to have the flashbacks work and change the whole not getting rescued thing.

    It was a flash forward so they can keep the show going until 2010. We can see them get rescued next year and have a wrap up the year after.

    Sawyer killed the guy because if the shoe was on the other foot, they guy would have killed him.

    I doubt purgatory, since that was one of the earliest ideas floated in year one. I am waiting for someone who was killed to come back to life, like Boone or Eko.

    I hated Alias because there were so many unanswered questions and i am worried this will be the same thing

  8. I think Jack really loves Kate in a romantic way. He is sort of attracted to Juliette, but she's more of a rebound girlfriend type thing. If you'll remember right, I think she was the one who kissed him, not the other way around. True, he didn't stop her, but like I said, he is attracted to her.

    I felt so bad for Sawyer, because he's been through so much. He tried to get revenge because he thought it would make that go away, but like they say, 'bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for someone else to die'. I also think that maybe because he's spent so much of his life waiting for the moment when he could finally kill the guy, when he did he was surprised by the lack of fireworks, you know? Now he probably feels like he has nothing to live for, or regretful that he didn't spend all that time working towards something productive. I mean, sure the guy is dead...but Sawyer isn't any better for it, is he?

    I think maybe, like some other people said, Charlie thought no one would have gotten rescued if he didn't die.

    I was also wondering if maybe Jack-with-the-beard was living in some sort of alternate reality. *Shrugs*

  9. I loved the part with Hurley and the VW! That was awesome! They certainly left us with a lot of questions, didn't they. My younger brother pointed out that we didn't actually see Charlie die. Maybe there's hope. But I really don't want to hang on all summer on a slight thread of hope.

  10. I thought this was a great episode. It makes me think they may be in some kind of space time continuum. Did you ever watch Star Trek: The Next Generation? There was an episode called "Cause & Effect". They were stuck in a time loop, and once they realized it, they tried to leave themselves clues so they could get out of it.

    It made me wonder if Charlie was the one who programed the code to turn off the equipment that was jamming transmissions in the Looking Glass Station. That could explain Desmond's flashbacks. Perhaps when they blew up the hatch, it messed everything up.

    IDK, just a thought.

  11. We've been hooked from the first season! One of our favorite shows of all time! I can't wait for season 3 to got o DVD so I can go abck and see what little nuances I have missed! Having said all that:

    The creators of the show have said repeatedly, they are NOT in purgatory.

    I posted the other day that they should just kill Kate's character off! Did anyone else notice last season's episode on Sayid when he was released during the first Gulf War. The Commander in the vehicle, had a picture of a young Kate inside his armored vehicle? They tried to pull a fast one over on us!

    Hurley and the VW was perfect! He is one of my favorites!

    Charlie dying...hmmm...I'm not convinced he's really gone. Boone and Shannon, no great loss really! Mr Eko kind of threw me though, Jesus stick and all!

    Where's Jack's daddy's body? Remember in seasone one, he found the casket on the island, but no body. His dad appeared to him and he went out looking for him.

    I think Desmond is creepy, never really liked him. Oh bruthah!


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