07 May 2007

Hodge Podge Happenings

I don't even know what to title this hodge-podge post. There is so much that has happened. The three days of driving wiped me out - and we have been on the go ever since we arrived. On our way we were blessed to stop in Alabama and meet up with the Woodwards. Karen and I have been blogging buddies for going on two years now and I have felt very connected to her family- even when they were far away in Romania. Our visit with them was way too brief, but it was awesome to stop and have a nice meal, stimulating conversation, and share some laughs. They are a precious family.
The night before the formal, my children talked their half-crazy mother into attending the first viewing of Spiderman 3 - which was at midnight! Ugh. And it seems that no matter what time I go to bed, I wake routinely around 7:30-8:00. The formal was wonderful. Here is a picture of my beautiful girls. It has all been great fun, but the lack of rest is catching up with me.
We were very blessed to be able to stay in a house - and have the whole thing to ourselves. Our friends have a home next door to theirs that they bought to host missionary families in transit. It is awesome. Fortunately for us it was currently empty. That has been a tremendous blessing - being able to use a kitchen and do laundry. Awesome. More about this later!
I went tonight to have dinner and play cards with some girlfriends. We met at Helen's house because her husband is out of town. She grilled steaks and made baked potatoes, salad, and had fresh strawberries to serve over pound-cake with whipped cream. Afterwards she made everyone cappuccino that we drank while we played cards. Our favorite game is Golf - nine cards for nine rounds. It is really fun. I always do so-so. We laughed so much and I realize how much this is missing from my life. The friendship, the being yourself and still being loved, the not always having to be "on" so that you can get acquainted with new people.
On my way home I had a good cry. I was thankful for the time in the car by myself. I am SO homesick - this place is my home. Travis and I were talking on the phone yesterday morning, and he was expressing some distress that I might speak badly of Texas. I am not sure when I became the P.R. rep for the "Lone Star" state. I don't have any animosity towards the state of Texas, but it.is.not.my.home. This beautiful place with the river that runs through it, the craggy hills, where I know every back road - this place is my home. I may come to love things about Texas, but for me these "country roads" will always lead the way home.
I may come to feel differently in time - but right now I am so homesick I can hardly enjoy being here.


  1. I'm hearing a song . . . but I won't sing it. : ) I know how hard it is to have your heart in a different place. I went to my brother's church yesterday. (Did I tell you he's a pastor?) Well, I am sure that he had planned his sermon for his church people but it spoke so strongly to me. I was in tears during the invitation time. Here's the link http://www.crosspt.cc/av/
    05-06-07 MYTHBUSTERS "I Am Just Another Person" Perhaps you can listen to it when you have some down time. Get some rest! We're all hoping you can stop by on your way back.

  2. I completely understand what you mean! I am from Missouri, a Mid-Western gal with heartland values. My husband's job with the Railroad has transferred us to different places. We've lived here for nearly 14 years but I LOVE going home. What might sound boring to some, farms lined with never-ending rows of corn, soybean, cotton, is a welcome sight when we travel. Even though I was raised in the inner city of St Louis, my daddy's family is from southern Missouri where it's rural farmland.

    Dave & I plan (Lord willing) to build a cabin and retire in Montana or Idaho in about 10 years. As much as I love the mid-west though, the first time I traveled to Montana, this unbelievable feeling came over me, calling to me like I was being welcomed home. It was really weird!

    Those kinds of feelings are very real! I learned a long time ago, that God had something planned for us to do and the railroad was His means of getting us there. I enjoy living in Texas very much. The hardest things to leave will be our amazing church and the friends we have made there.

    I'll pray that God gives you a special touch today to let you know that you are not alone. He is right there beside you, walking with you in a foreign land!


  3. Hiya Sweetie!
    You KNOW that I understand your heartache my dear friend! But, PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE try and put it away and just enjoy the time with friends at 'home'! There will be plenty of time for tears on the drive back to Texas (home too!), but if you are miserable the whole time in WV, you will just regret spoiling the time you have been given! (This is the voice of experience by the way!!!) Spend your energy making wonderful new memories and reminising with people who remember and were apart of your older memories.
    I wish I could give you a hug! Please accept this cyber one ((HUG))! Can I make you smile a little maybe??? DH is talking about us coming to the states for Christmas this year and maybe driving down to Texas!! So maybe one of those hugs can have real arms in a few months time! :-)
    And thank you my friend for the honor of being in your list of 'Blogs I Love'. I only just noticed it there and it brought tears to my eyes - you are so sweet! Please enjoy your trip and this wonderful visit home - and it is OK if it is always home to you! I now have two homes!

  4. what dee dee said!
    ((juls)) i'm thinking about you girlfriend.

  5. Consider that maybe you level of exhaustion could be feeding your despair at your situation. Our family has moved twice in our 23 year marriage. We moved in '95 from TX to IN so that my husband could attend the seminary. We had lived in TX, withing 2 miles of every family member for our entire lives. It was hard. By the time we came back to TX 3 years later, IN was my home, and I missed it terribly. We moved to this desolate s. tx town and it was so HOT! I longed for IN. We returned a year later for a visit, and it felt like a visit - not home anymore. Now, I feel like where my family is, is home. Give yourself time. And get some SLEEP!


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