09 May 2007

I Miss Me

I have not been myself, especially here in the blogosphere. Whenever I have a moment to quickly blog, I look at this little white box, and the blankness of it does not speak to me as it normally does. I got nuthin'. I have rapidly shooting random thoughts of things to blog about, such as...... how in Texas there is no "-ing" blend. If you want to say STRING - what comes out is strang. If you want to say FINGER - what comes out is fanger. And I wonder, if I tie a strang on my fanger will it help me remember all those nifty ideas of things to blog about? I wonder how people in the deep south learn phonics, reading or spelling. These ideas quickly shoot through my head never developing into an actual post. I am hoping to get to bed earlier than I have been (midnight) and get a good night's sleep. Perhaps the morning will bring me endless topics to blog about. Nitey nite!


  1. I had to laugh. When we first moved to Texas, my daughter was taking a spelling test, when she got a word wrong. (I'll bet you can see where this is going). She asked the teacher why she got it wrong, after all RUT is a pretty simple, basic word. When the teacher used it in a sentence, it was suddenly obvious that they were on different wavelengths.

    "If you don't pull the RUT out, the weed will grow back".

    Needless to say, I wrote the teacher a note about that and the grade was changed!

  2. I have the same random thoughts on a constant basis. Problem is, I don't have a strang on my fanger to remind me neither!

    You are too funny. Quit having fun up there. You might not ever come back!



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