22 May 2007

Confession and a Link

I have a little confession to make. Four of the five members of our family are what you might call - um, just a wee bit, intense. Kaitlyn, our only laid back family member gets the shaft sometimes. I feel bad for her living with all of us hot-blooded, intensive types. We think deeply, and have many in depth discussions at the dinner table, some of us half-standing.
This evening, I was reading Kendra's blog a little while ago and came across this post about Beauty. The kid used the word "boobs" and I cracked up. Her points are valid, and her thoughts are birthed out of the many conversations we have had in this household. Kaitlyn thinks deeply about the same kinds of things - but she is much more subtle in her approach. She may come out and say something right in the middle of the intensity that just sums it all up something along these lines: (insert psychedelic hippie voice here) "Like why would you let someone else define you."
Anyway - jump on over there and read the intense kid's blog!

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  1. intense? you? :o)~

    i read kendra's blog.. my gosh are you proud of her or what???
    awesome for a 16 year old. truly awesome.


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