01 February 2008

Sell Yourself!

Now those of you whose minds went directly to the gutter, shame on you! I don't mean that! I went to meet with the General Manager of the local newspaper today about possibly doing some outsourced work for them. Late yesterday evening when I was just about to leave to go and meet Kendra for dinner, he emailed me an application. This was not just any application - it has an essay question. He also asked me to sketch and advertisement selling me. As my friend Keet would say, "sweet Jesus in the morning". I had to be creative with very little time. Fortunately I work well under pressure, and took the assignment to the next level and did my black & white advertisement digitally! I just thought I'd share - and see what my voyeuristic friends think of this little ad about me - does it ring true? Did I get even close?
This was a very difficult task! What would you say about yourself?


  1. That would have totally freaked me out! You did awesome. See, you're the right person for the job....not I....I would have froze.

  2. You'd did wonderfully. You described yourself very well but left a few things out like beautiful but I guess they can see that. I hope you get the job and can express yourself to more than just the many who read your blog.

  3. I feel positive-ly dull compared to you, you arty thing you.

  4. That is awesome, wow, I could not have come up with anything close!

    You go girl, I hope you get the job you need to share your talents :)

  5. Wow! You are so incredibly creative. What a great, great ad.

  6. Hey Julie,

    I'm just now taking the time to read this. You really did a great job. I'd hire you! Best wishes!!


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