04 February 2008

Could've Been Much Worse

I was really tired this evening. On my way home from the long day of co-op I kept noticing that my car was handling strangely. It felt like my tires might be low. I made a mental note to self, tell Travis about the tires, whenever I actually get to see him again.
Low and behold Travis was home and awake when I got here. We were talking about a funeral that a lot of people we know had gone to of a teenage girl that pulled out of a gas station parking lot and was plowed into by a truck, losing her life. I also informed Travis of two fatalities in the accident that kept him from getting home on Saturday night. These two things reminded me about my tires.
Travis said he'd "check them later". I said I would check the tire pressure before taking Kendra to work in the morning - which made him decide to go out and check them right away. He came back in to get me and had me put my hand along the inside edge of my driver's rear tire - you could put your hand INSIDE the large gap in the tire and feel a bunch of steel wires sticking through.
He asked me how fast I had been going. I said "oh 70 - 75". He just walked away from me shaking his head saying, "oh my God".
I was bummed about the prospect of having to buy a tire - but I guess it could've been much much worse.


  1. UM yeah, it could have meant you lost control or lost your tire or worse...

    Thank God you are safe and that Travis looked at it tonight and not tomorrow. i know tires are expensive but they pale in comparison to the alternative.

  2. Praise the Lord that you are all safe and that it wasn't any worse! Your guardian angels must have been carrying the car home!! LOL!

  3. I think we all have had something similiar happen in our lives that gives us pause to be thankful for the protection that God has covered us with! You're right, replacing a tire is easy and painfree when compared with with the alternitive!

  4. Wow, I'm glad you all ended up home safely. Thank goodness for those trusty men to check stuff like that out.

  5. Ya~~ I'm thinking the same thing. One of those times you just shake your head to rid those images from your mind~~ and thank God. Tamy

  6. Scary!

    What a blessing to be able to replace a tire instead of lamenting what cannot be replaced!


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