23 February 2008

A Full Plate

Right now my bed is piled a mile high with laundry. I put it there so that I will have to deal with it before bed - but at the moment I am contemplating throwing it to the floor. I know that my busy-ness has become a repetitive theme of late - but man! I have been sewing most of the day and still not halfway through with one dress. My neighbor Debra came over and helped me get started because no matter how many times I read the pattern, I was feeling a bit dyslexic about it. You know how they say two heads are better than one - if you figure me into that right now you might only actually have one including Debra. I have been sewing and cooking and stressing about the reading I am supposed to be doing but am not. I feel so overwhelmed. I have got to figure out how on earth I am going to get everything done. I keep thinking "just do the next thing" but I don't know what to do next. Yikes. Somebody come to Texas, make me some coffee and stay up all night with me while I sew. I was thinking earlier, as I often do when I'm stressed, what is the fewest hours of sleep I can get and still function, which is always extremely healthy. Oh and my sweetheart just called on his way home to remind me I am supposed to cut his hair TONIGHT. Oh yeah, that. Did I also mention that it is the most horrible week of the month? Yep - that too. I need some chocolate and some wine right now!


  1. Boy do I relate! I have clean laundry separated into piles in the living room that I am folding. It looks like a laundry mat in here.

    Of course we've had two neighbors stop buy...

    And I'm with you on the chocolate and wine thing. Have the chocolate, send dh out for the wine! :o)

  2. okay, I have our Official "S-The-C's" Mug in one hand and a bottle of blackberry wine in the other. ready, set, pour! can't make it to Texas, but will happily "sit up" with you all night. Just set up your laptop near where you are working & you got it! As you know, it is better that I am this far away while sewing is taking place anyway.:)

  3. I feel ya :)
    I have PMS too, I have the chocolate and the wine and I have no problem staying up all night, wish I was there :)

  4. Julie, my laundry was in the exact same place last night for the same reason. I moved it to the floor and slept soundly!! :)

    Today is a new day.

  5. The life of a women. Need I say more?

  6. Don't know how you do it. I totally relate to what you're feeling, even though my plate doesn't come anywhere close to being as full as yours. And yet it still overwhelms me, and like you, I find myself wondering how little sleep I can get by with and still stay healthy. Wish I had your secret, and a fraction of your energy. I can't even start to imagine how you manage to cram so much into your day.

  7. Sending a virtual fair trade chocolate bar to melt in your imaginary mouth. It is fat free AND loaded with antioxidants!


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