21 February 2008

Ballroom Dancing - Take 1

This week started a session of ballroom dancing lessons being offered by the grandparents of one of the graduating seniors at co-op. What would normally be about $300 per couple is a HUGE gift, as the price is FREE. The instructors are in their 80s and started out at a Fred Astaire school in the 40s. It was pretty awesome. The girls were both blessed to be asked to partner with two of the nicest boys who just so happen to be brothers. Here is a little rough video peek into the first session. Kaitlyn is wearing the white dress over black leggings and is seen with her partner, David mostly in the foreground. Kendra is wearing jeans and has her hair up. She and her partner, Daniel wearing black are seen only in the background. The boys parents are seen weaving in and out and helping both couples. It was neat, and after being so nervous I thought she was going to hurl, Kaitlyn decided she liked it and can't wait to go back on Friday.


  1. Isn't that cool!? I love to see younger people learning how to REALLY dance not this pornographic looking stuff they see on music videos! Fred & Ginger made it look effortless! I studied Classical Ballet for 10 years and I would love to get my man out on the dance floor and do some nice waltzing around! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kendra & Kaitlyn, Just remember, "Everything Fred did, Ginger did backwards and in heels!" Go Beauties! Although I do have to admit I am a little disappointed. I was really looking forward to seeing K-bug hurl on the guy's shoes. :) Can't have everything I guess.

  3. I am so so so jealous. That was my favorite class in college. Lucky lucky yous.

  4. Shame, shame Ms. Tina. David is reeeeeeeeally nice! He doesn't deserve to be barfed on! lol

  5. My hubby and i plan to take ballroom one day... What a great opportunity for your girls, and what a great way to get the different generations interacting!


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