05 February 2008

A Cat's Life

Wouldn't it be great to have a cat's life? Except maybe for the having to clean your fur with your tongue and having dogs chase you up trees, it'd be pretty awesome. I think house cats pretty much have it made. Right now we have too many to have them inside - but it is so much fun to watch them hunt, play, fight. We looked outside the other day and saw two of them on the roof of our neighbor's house.
The weather was so nice today that I kept finding excuses to get up from work and stretch my legs, and then I would find myself wandering outside. My wrap-around porch has become the den of kitties! Kullen was so excited when he saw three of the kittens asleep together in this pot he screamed for me to come and see. Aren't they just precious. Our little gray tabby girl, "the huntress" had to get in on the act.


  1. They are adorable. Cats are so much fun. Quirky and contrary, yet loving. Not so needy as our dog.

  2. Looks like a cozy spot! We really miss Hannah's cat. Hope to get a new one someday.

  3. I'm allergic to cats :)

    I do admit that kittens are cute though.

  4. I prefer cats over dogs. There, I've said it & probably offended half of the world's population. Yours are too cute!

  5. Ok, this is a postcard photo! How adorable!
    Didn't forget about the pdf. Will email you later gator!


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