24 February 2008

It Was Nice

Today was an average day. This afternoon I had to take Kendra to a rehearsal. I took along the bodice of the dress I have been working on so I could work on some hand-stitching. Kaitlyn and Kullen hung out with some of the other kids, siblings and friends of the four main characters who were rehearsing. The home we were in is a large family of five kids - all who are teenagers or in their early 20s. It was so nice. They reminded me in a lot of ways of our dear friends the Pierces, and made me homesick for them and happy at the same time that maybe there is room for another such lovable family in our lives and hearts.
The weather was perfect - almost reaching 80. When I walked outside the sunshine felt so good, and the sunlight and temperatures combined to really burn off any residual winter chill.
It was a nice day.

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