28 February 2008

A Kingdom Most Pathetic

No more words

No more

They hurt

And wound

And cut

And twist

I cannot think

My mind goes blank

How can it be

That I who stood

And watched you drive away for good

Be the culprit

The perpetrator

Of this great drama

That plays out between us

I want to slam on the brakes

Make it stop

Spin the world back to the day I was his princess

Wearing the paper crown

And fuzzy bathrobe

Smiling through fever

Because he thought I was beautiful

And now the king of my heart

Is dethroned

I can’t love anymore

Someone who loves with words

Yet in deed most unloving

An empty kingdom does not a princess make

And it is I who sit on a throne most pathetic

Wishing for butterflies

And bubble gum

Long rides gazing up at stars through the windows in the back of a Pinto

With the one

Who doesn’t remember that once, I held his heart.


  1. "wishing for butterflies and bubblegum." yeah. exactly.

  2. The words and emotions paint a visual that leaves me breathless. I agree with the girls it is a bit sad. My heart is saddened by the eyes that live that there. Inspiring. Words of the Bible describe the one true King but what I feel, words can only slightly paint a picture. Does that make sense? You have a gift to bring emotions from your words and deep thinking as well.


Awaiting your words......
♥ Juls ♥