02 February 2008

Movie and Popcorn

When Travis was laid off in November - one of the first things I did was cancel our Netflix membership - but since it is like a cult that you can never leave, we didn't actually cancel it - we just put our account on hold. Don't get me wrong, I like Netflix -but why do they get so insecure when you need a "relationship break" like a clingy boyfriend??? But now we have a new love - called Redbox. It isn't as awesome as Netflix (yep, I'll throw them some love) in that you can find anything you want to watch at Netflix, and you actually have to leave your house to pick up your flicks, but hey, if you're poor and you have a debit card - a $1 movie rental is right up your alley.
When I went grocery shopping this morning, I picked us up a movie to watch tonight. I think everybody will be happy - especially Kullen who has declared a moratorium on "love" movies. Check out this trailer for "The Invasion" - Travis would love it because it is all his favorite things - suspense, aliens and conspiracy!! (sadly, he probably won't be able to watch it with us!)

I think a big old batch of homemade microwave popcorn will be just the thing.

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  1. Hey, doll, you can always check out www.ssupload.com for movies, too.


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