16 February 2008

Just Call Me Dorothy or Ms. Pac Man

Tonight the weather is freaky again. There have been tornado cells all around, and as I told my friend Tina I am sitting inside a window under a big tree wearing a hat of foil. How's that for taking chances? I am not cut out for this kind of weather. Give me ice, snow, blizzards - I can take it - but tornadoes - no no no!
I have been pretty busy the last couple of days. I took Kullen to the movies yesterday and we got there about an hour early so we hung out in the arcade. I got totally hooked on Ms. Pac Man - and played it over and over again. I did give the kid a turn or two. We also played air hockey and a Star Trek game where we shot at Cyborgs. You can't have much more fun than that with a 10 year old boy. We liked the Ms. Pac Man thing so much that we stopped at Walmart on the way home and bought one of those little joystick games you can hook up to your TV and played practically all night last night.
I am missing my girls who traveled out of state with a friend. It's always weird when they aren't home - I feel so unsettled.
G'nite from Texas. *click* *click* there's no place like home..... there's no place like home.......

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  1. Ms. Pac Man rocks!!! I love that game and if I ever see one I play it, I'm still really good too :)
    Sorry about the tornadic weather, as you know we deal with that here in TN also... Scary for sure!


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