25 February 2008

No News is Good News, Literally

I don't read the news very much. I will watch it about once a week or so with my husband when he is home on the weekends over a cup of coffee. All of us know that it would be more appropriately entitled "the Bad News" said with a smile by plastic Ken and Barbie wannabes. I think if you had someone like Mama from Mama's Family (a/k/a Vicki Lawrence - not to steal any of Keet's Carol Burnett thunder) delivering the news it would be as you expected, but we have the beautiful people telling us that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and smiling at us through perfect teeth, just to make you wonder if your feelings of doom and gloom are accurate.

I read this horrific story on my Google homepage this morning about a woman who died on a flight from Haiti because the two oxygen tanks that they brought to her were empty. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't you instructed that in the event of an emergency the little face masks will drop from above your seat and administer oxygen to every passenger on the plane??? Why could they not get oxygen to this woman? The worst part to me is that the flight attendant denied her oxygen twice before even attempting to help this obviously very ill woman. All of this comes from living in a world where everything anyone says is suspect, and the human element is removed. We don't have compassion for one another. My compassion is affected when I watch horror story after horror story on the evening news, which is why this post will end as it started with…I don't read the news very much.


  1. I just read about your friend Melody and said a prayer for them (healing, wisdom etc.)

    Your right about the news, it's not very good. I choose to read the news although it's bad most of the time. I read on the internet and the Dallas Morning News rather than watching the TV. I feel more "in control" over what I choose to be informed about. I like to know what's going on, goood, bad and ugly.

    I just keep reminding myself that God is in control regardless of what circumstances look like!

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. I almost never watch the news for the very same reason. It depresses and infuriates me. I choose to live in my own oblivious world.

  3. The "anonymous" comment was from me. Sorry my little fingers got carried away and clicked incorrectly.
    Love ya,

  4. I don't pay too much attention to the news either. I like to watch things dealing with the election but that's getting old now too.

  5. my lips are numb. hahahahahahahaha

  6. The news makes you realize even more how much this world needs Jesus.


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