09 February 2008

Some Thoughts on Cleaning

I know - I know - insane, but I used the quiet time alone this morning to deep clean both of our bathrooms without interruption. It is still only 9:30 so I have some down time before going to get the kids - except there is this nagging task my husband keeps reminding me of which is to go get the oil changed in my car - ugh - so I might go and do that. I was going to look for a Jiffy Lube next to Starbucks and take a good book. That'd be R&R - or not for a squirrelly person like me who has to look up everytime they call out an order to see who got what - and then spend 10 minutes regretting the drink it took me 20 minutes to decide on. I'm a lost cause.
Can I recommend never, ever again cleaning your bathroom mirror? I have decided that the dust and toothpaste splatter are there for a reason. I think it was divine inspiration that created such things. The haze on the mirror acts as one of those filters like they use at Olan Mills that softens and smooths fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes. I got the first good look at myself in six months a while. Not pretty.
Take it from me - for someone that is slightly nutty like myself - having time to clean the bathroom without a million interruptions which come usually about the time you have your head half-way down the toilet bowl or are perched precariously on the edge of the tub trying to keep your butt and boobs balanced - was a real luxury. I also got to catch up on some God Journey podcasts. Good stuff.

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  1. ...you're supposed to clean your bathroom mirror???


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