06 February 2008

Let's Go To the Mall - You Know They Have it All

If you are even a semi-regular reader to this blog, you may have caught wind of the fact that I would rather have a root-canal without anesthesia, give birth to a 34 pound baby au naturale, or a number of other torturous things than go to the mall. I don't like shopping in general, but the thought of going to the mall gives me hives. So, it is no small thing when my daughters ask me to get in the car and schlepp them 40 miles down the road to the crack cocaine experience of shopping. The only consolation prize, and the only way I can even manage to go most of the time is if I get to hang out in the bookstore. Tonight I was smart, thinking "I'll bring my laptop and catch up on some blogging." I have been SO busy the last few days that I have had blog posts rattling around in my brain and no opportunity to outlet them. Now most of them are gone like dissolving clouds and flying pink elephants. (Did you catch another drug reference? Yikes.) I get to the bookstore cafe, grab my caramel macchiato, browse a few books and sit down with my laptop to blog and I realize I have WAY too many distractions to really blog my deep thoughts here. It is like taking a child to a candy store - the kind where they make the candy there and you can smell chocolate, fudge, butterscotch, and caramel - and telling that child NOT to think about candy. I adore books, there is amazing music playing, and I am pumping an intense dosage of caffeine - so I am WAY overstimulated in every possible way.
So, I have two books that I am torn between - Everything Must Change by Brian McLaren and The Barbarian Way by Erwin Raphael McManus that was recommended by Gayle. Leaning heavily towards the Brian McLaren since I've wanted to read him for a long time - I just wish it was paperback. Helpful book lady informed me not until October - well I can't wait that long.


  1. Just wanted to thank you for the giggle.
    I hate the mall too.

  2. Have you checked on line to see if there are any used copies out there? I am an avid reader and that's what I do! I can sometimes pick up books, hardbacks even for a really lower price!

    Like you, I loathe going to the mall! I have to go tomorrow to ZALES to drop off the chain on my heart pendant that Dave gave me some years ago. Other than cutting through B&N, that's the only store I go in!

  3. Oh how I hate the mall too! And ours is so stinkin' convenient- just over a mile away. We read The Barbarian Way. Very good book. Happy reading!

  4. What is it with moms and hating the mall??? I could live there, man!!! HAHAHAHA...

  5. ooohhhh. My favorite: CM's and books. Yummy. What an envious day.

  6. I don't like shopping much either, but for me going to Walmart is much worse than going to the mall. The nearest mall to us doesn't have a bookstore or even a toy store anymore. How can that be?


  7. I love bookstores- hard to just have a quick browse.

    You have had some excitement around here lately lady! I go away and miss all the action. I have been catching up by reading older posts.

  8. Ah, my fellow Mall hater, here's a giggle. This Christmas I was in the mall. My friend was asking a sales person at a kiosk a question and I was looking around. I said, "Hey, What happened to Victoria's secret? How could it have gone out of business?", since my keen detective eyes saw it wasn't in its location. The lady at the kiosk stopped talk...mid sales pitch, to look at me as if my artificial human skin had slipped some only to reveal the real martian me and said, "How long has it been since you have been to the mall? They moved down there (pointing) almost a year ago?"
    If our mall had a bookstore with a java cafe and some place to sit, I might go a little more often.
    By the way...I am always amazed at how people can actually go to the bookstore to study. You are right, WAAAAYYY too many distractions!


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