03 February 2008

Hey Anonymous - Cease and Desist Would Ya?

Through site feed, we can trace the trail of where you've been. Why do you find it necessary to visit the blogs of unschoolers just to ridicule and criticize what you do not understand?
If you feel it necessary to tout the benefits of public school, and the beauty and pleasure that it brings into your life, please feel free to go to Blogger and get your very own blog. Heck, I'll even visit, and if I comment, I promise to at least be signed in so that you'll know I stand behind what I say, and if you so choose, you can respond.
I am okay with a different perspective, and while I may not find your viewpoint to be agreeable, I would defend your right to your own opinion and the freedom to choose a life that suits you and your family - and if you value freedom and liberty - you should defend my rights equally.
This is a personal blog - where I write about my family, myself, my beliefs, my passions. It is horrifying to me that some children spend 12 years of their lives in the public school institution, becoming government cogs, and mindless drones regurgitating often incorrect factoids, and never truly developing critical thinking skills, the ability to talk to adults and socialize with people of all ages, or following their passions and developing personal greatness instead of being bent towards mediocrity. But hey that's just me.
Please don't visit my blog - or the blogs of my friends unless you want to participate in a discussion. That would involve not hiding behind anonymous comments. It borders on stalking and harassment.


  1. You Rock my cyber, unschoooling, defender of faith and freedom friend :)

  2. Ditto. Or since I'm the third person would that be tritto? hmmm.....

  3. It is not harrassment. You know that - I know that. I just had to let you know that your close-minded and uneducated "theories" suck. And, since you decided to PUBLICLY blog for all to see, deal with it.

    Very proud to be in FLORIDA and not hiding from anyone...site trackers are fine, because I have never done anything wrong, only speak my opinion. I don't care if you know where I have been...should I care?

    Blow me :)
    Good day, you slacker.

  4. By the way - one more thing - thank you for dedicating an entire post to me - just shows how easy it is to yank your chain, wow! Uptight much?

    We are enjoying it...

    Defending is pretending, sweetie!

    (I do have a blog, you just aren't invited.) I don't pose for strangers. I blog for my family & close friends, and it is all true and not lies about my 'perfect' *barf* life. ...not for nothing but your so-called 'friends' turned me onto your site and bash you...

  5. I am leaving these comments here as a matter of record. The IP address of the commenter here has been blocked and hopefully will redirect her elsewhere in the cyberworld to vent her rage and hostility.
    Wow - to say that visiting my blog five times in a day and posting three anonymous comments is not harassment is an interesting way to look at it.
    I find the fellatio reference rather amusing myself.
    Can't we all just get along???

  6. *ahem*
    Perhaps the fellatio reference is an indication of a HIM instead of a HER - just for the record - I may have been wrong about that.

    Now back to my regularly scheduled "perfectly imperfect life"

  7. I love this! You know you're a good writer when you attract this much attention. Go Julie!!

  8. Ewwww...

    I've never understood why some people would go out of their way to harass others.

    I have better things to do with my life than go around looking for others to criticize!

    Glad you blocked the IP address!


  9. You know, I don't understand this kind of stuff at all! I am not a home-schooling mom but I have respect for those who have made that decision in the best interest of their children. I personally believe that it takes much more self-control and discipline to teach your chilkdren in the home rather then sending your kids out the door every day with a backpack and a sacked lunch. I know of several home-schooled kids and every single one of them has actually received a BETTER education than the typical kid who is in a public school. Why would someone feel the need to be so ugly and hateful?
    Sadly shaking my head,

  10. How sad that some people's lives are so miserable that they can't believe that others are truly happy with their life choices.

    You really hit a nerve with that poor person.

    I'm glad Florida is a big state. I hope I never run into anonymous. :P

    I'm glad to know you through your blog and the lists. :)

  11. "Can't we all just get along?"~~ seems easy enough. Not for sure why some folks feel the need to bash ideas different from their own. Fear? Bitterness? Ignorance?

    We need to remember~ if we bust up our soapbox by knocking folks over the head with it~~ we find ourselves with a mouth full of words~~ but without a soapbox.

    I agree~~ you rock! Tamy

  12. Wow, Jules, I leave the internet for two days and look what happens. And you say I'm not dull.

  13. What a nasty soul that anonymous poster is. I'm sure he/she will be a rodent in the next life. lol.

    I'm not posting under my blogger profile... I don't need the weirdo showing up and flaming my blog.

    L (g*g*)

  14. Wow - you have an exciting blog.
    Just found and printed off your granola recipe and am looking forward to some good snacking.

  15. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds...
    Albert Einstein

  16. Wow, I missed all sorts of excitement. Why in the world would a stranger get so enflamed over your blog? Did I miss something? It's not like your spouting intensely controversial or offensive stuff over here. He/She/It must have some serious issues to be flinging "Blow Me" around the blogosphere. Hello?


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