24 February 2008

Prayer Request - My Friend Melody and Her Sister

I have a non-blogging friend, Melody who I met almost a year ago now. She had just moved here from Houston, and the two of us found compatibility in our mutual experiences of how difficult it was for us to sort of find our niche here. Melody and I have become really good friends, although she is one of the busiest moms and grandmas that I know. She is a precious lady. Not long ago, her sister, Lana started to be pretty sick. She was in congestive heart failure. About a week ago they had to transport Lana from a hospital in Louisiana to a special hospital in Houston where she has been in ICU ever since. Melody called me on Friday and said that all of Lana's organs are failing - including her liver and kidneys. She is also on a ventilator. They have asked the family to make a decision to remove her from some of this support by the end of the weekend. I have not talked to her to know what they have decided. I know this is a heart-wrenching thing for any family to endure. Please pray for my friend and her family.
Thanks in advance.

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