02 February 2008

The Time Has Come, the blogger said, to Talk of Many Things, of Politics and Biases - of Liberty and Kings

I am on all kinds of yahoo groups. You know, the kind where people often say what they would never say to you face to face. Oh yeah, I am also on some that rock, and where I know I am among friends. Today on one of the less friendly groups that I stay plugged into because of geography, someone stepped on my toes BIGtime.
I think the anonymity of the cyber community can be a place of tremendous fellowship and support. Say if you live in a po-dunk-town in rural Texas somewhere, you can still find friends who share your convictions about education, marriage, politics, faith, etc. Other times you are affirmed in your assertion that some people should have an island.
In community with other Christians, lots of assumptions are made. Recently I have had people assume I am affiliated with a specific political party, endorse a specific candidate, or am passionate about specific issues. In what should be a vibrant, kaleidoscope community of faith, followers of Christ,we have allowed everything to fade to gray, (pardon the screen writing terminology - it is my current passion) and expect some sort of homogenized, Stepford believer to surface eventually from the seed of each new convert.
I spent a lot of years expecting all Christians to look the same, talk the same, be passionate about the same things. I spent a lot of time drawing lines in the sand separating the "us" from the "them". It took a lot of gentle care from the Father, removing the sand from my eyes one grain at a time to reveal the circle that God has always been trying to draw around all of us, if only we were willing to stay inside.
Don't make assumptions. Not just with politics, but in all areas of life. My thoughts do not threaten your thoughts, as yours do not threaten mine.
Assumptions are dangerous things.

Just for fun, can anybody tell me where the context of the title for this post comes from? Hint: think walrus!


  1. The Walrus and the Carpenter?

    I love how you can put things in writing that I think in my head. Are you in my head? OOOH watch out I have some radical thoughts :)

  2. ...Through the Looking-Glass...Lewis Carroll?

  3. I don't think I have ever had a cookie cutter view of Christians. Even being raised in a very small podunk town in Oklahoma. I actually enjoy seeing how different we are. Makes me seem a bit normal sometimes.
    After all God has made us all so different and I am so thankful for that!!!

  4. Through the Looking Glass?

  5. Well, of course I recognized the title right away! Let's see ... I think it's when the Tweedles tell the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter


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