14 February 2008

Our Valentine's Day in Pictures

I realized recently that I can be a bit of a Scrooge about holidays since I think they are overly commercialized - a fact proven by the way that the Valentine's aisles were cleared out and Saint Patrick's Day which is in a few weeks that has little market-ability was skipped right over in lieu of Easter stuff. I was thinking about it this past week and decided to spend the day showering my kids with love. They woke up this morning to "I Love You" spelled out on in candy hearts on the island. I had made their favorite chocolate chip pancakes and warm syrup - so we got them all sugared up. They ate and listened to Natalie Cole. It was a fun morning.
Later, I made this incredible cake that I had once at my friend, Kathie's house four years or so ago, and have thought about it all this time. There are a lot of steps - but it is SO worth it. Kendra said she wants it for her "wedding cake". I also made heart shaped pizzas so the day wasn't totally sugar. It has been a nice day. I know it sounds like it was all about the food, but we spent the whole day loving on each other. That truly was, in spite of all the sugar, the sweetest part.


  1. Those look awesome. We had fun w/ the conversation hearts too.

    And there's never anything wrong w/ pausing to say "I love you" to someone. Ever. Even if the card manufacturers tease you into it.

    it's never bad.

  2. YUM!

    You know I don't even bother with commercialization anymore. Noone is forcing you to buy or comply, enticing maybe but hey it's a free market and I pray it stays that way.
    I admit I get frustrated that Halloween and Christmas stuff go out at the same time but it's up to me if/when I buy them.

    Let's choose what to spend our money on and when :)

    I'm really trying not to go all government conspiracy on you, LOL!

  3. These all look yummy and inspiring. I never seem to be able to celebrate/decorate that way. Kudos to you and your love for your kids.


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