22 February 2008

A Trip Around the Blogsphere

I haven't been blogging much - I have been busy with sewing, cleaning, reading, planning for the 6th & 7th grade literature class, shuttling kids to and fro and any number of great things. None of them are the things that I most want to do - although they are pretty important to me. I am feeling depleted because I want to write - but don't really have two brain cells that I can claim for my own. So, I thought I would point you to a couple of blog posts that I have read recently that have had me thinking of things I might write *sigh* if only I had the time

Kate blogs about some missionaries from Korea staying in the "Green House" (where they so kindly let us stay when we come for a visit), and their fascination with homeschooling.

Keet blogs, "I Killed Jane Austen" and found myself

Stephanie blogs about freedom - I know it's a shock, but we'll all recover!

These blogs stood out to me today and grabbed my attention. I will blog about such things later. When you visit my friends, tell them I sent you, with a little linky lovin'!


  1. Me...shocking...Never :)
    Thanks for promoting my 3 am ramblings :)

  2. Aw. Linky Lovin' back at ya. :)

  3. So are you teaching the lit class? that's totally cool. You should share what you have planned.


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