27 February 2008

The "F" Word

Flu -
I might have it.
My head is swimmy. My eyes are watering. My body aches. My throat is gravelly. My ears are burning.

I think one of my cyber friends sent it to me .....you know who you are.


  1. I swear it wasn't me...
    I had a fever with bodyaches and headache that left me in a delirious state. I really hope you don't have that, I wouldn't wish it on my enemy, it's bad stuff. I now still have secondary crud of coughing and sinus stuff which leaves me dizzy.
    Praying for you my dear friend!

    BTW the *F* word in my house is f*rt oh I hate that foul word, I have no problem with other *f* words, LOL!!!

  2. So sorry. Hope you're feeling back to your old self soon. and take your lap tap to bed with you and keep writing!

  3. Happy Birthday Julie! Feel better soon.
    Much love -

  4. Geesh. Some people just send a card. Have a good birthday nap then. Sorry you are sick.

  5. Hope you feel better quickly. That would be a great birthday present.

  6. Isn't the flu shot recommended for the elderly? By the way - Happy Birthday!

  7. oh, Small Green River slammed you! Sorry you are feeling so crummy on your bd- not fair! I will pray that you feel better soon. Happy Birthday Julie.

  8. I hope it wasn't me either...If I can relief your pain and add to mine, I would. Speey recovery.

    so, I'm 9 minutes late. Belated Happy Birthday!


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